Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Economics 101,Nike,Kanye West

I just read a story in our local fish wrapper here,talking about the selling and hyping of the new designer sneaker by Nike for Kayne West for a whopping $245.00.
The story went on to talk about a few young brothers who had camped out at the local mall store for a week so they would be the first to purchase these new designer sneakers.
My first reaction was to say what the f----,where were their  parents,where were their auntie,uncle,sister,brother,any damn body to drag their little behinds home and pimp slap them!
I wear a size 17 EEEE tennis shoe and shopped on line for a week at amazon until I found a pair  of New Balance for under $50.00.
Now you see why we as a culture are not taken serious,by anyone including our own selves.
                                                                                         Big Mac!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Waiting For Justice To Show Her Face

And we all know justice has a dark side that is seldom talked about,simply put some folks who become involved  with her finally find out that she has two sides to her.
One side perpetuates this image of fairness,the other side simply discard certain people with no sense of shame.
George Zimmerman is again back in jail where he should have been from the beginning,he lied to the court about his finances and was allowed to make bail for the execution of Trayvon Martin.
If someone of other economic class and race had been in the same circumstance Zimmerman found himself in bail would  have been denied,quick fast and in a hurry.
Skippy or Ray-Ray would still be on the phone in the cell block asking auntie,moma,sister,brother to get him out of jail.
The public defender probably would have been to see him to offer  a life sentence to get their case out of the system.
Richard Pryor said it right the first time back in the 1970's when you go down to the courthouse for justice,thats all you see just us,meaning everyone who can afford to work the system never see the inside of a jail cell.
                                                                              Big Mac!