Sunday, September 12, 2010

Protecting Our Children

How many of you have children that you think are out of control or have issues?
Many parents have resorted to taking the advice of "professionals" and have allowed them to be medicated because of "behavior issues".
The commericals of pharmaceutical company's have did their job of convincing doctors and the public that if we think we have a problem of any kind there is a pill out here that can fix it.
Too many of us  have laid down our responsibilities to our children and families.
We have taken to letting society decide what's best for our children,we don't go to school board meeting,PTA meetings or take interest in the friends or likes or dislikes of our children.
I'm afraid for the future of our children and culture and feel if enough folk don't get up off the couch,our days as a people are numbered!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Beauty and Black Folk

It's Sept.2010 and as a culture we are still fighting this notion of what is beautiful and what's not.
I still hear people use terms like good hair and high yellow and red bone,to discribe themselves or others.
That tells me that we as a culture still have a long way to go in understanding our history.
 The real secret to this life is not what grade of hair or what hue our skin is but,what's in our hearts.