Sunday, September 12, 2010

Protecting Our Children

How many of you have children that you think are out of control or have issues?
Many parents have resorted to taking the advice of "professionals" and have allowed them to be medicated because of "behavior issues".
The commericals of pharmaceutical company's have did their job of convincing doctors and the public that if we think we have a problem of any kind there is a pill out here that can fix it.
Too many of us  have laid down our responsibilities to our children and families.
We have taken to letting society decide what's best for our children,we don't go to school board meeting,PTA meetings or take interest in the friends or likes or dislikes of our children.
I'm afraid for the future of our children and culture and feel if enough folk don't get up off the couch,our days as a people are numbered!


Val said...

My mother was president of the PTA when I was in elementary school. All of the teachers had her telephone number! I hated it!

But I stayed out of trouble, for the most part.

CareyCarey said...

BigMac, you don't even want me to get started on this issue... but I will :-).

You know I am anit-medication, so you know where I'm going. I see this pill first approach being used in many areas of what some would call "behavioral" disorders. I've seen the evolution of thses drugs as far back as the 60's, and I've yet to see an happy ending.

In my day job I see clients being medicated as they come through the door and it's a band-aid at best. It never works as a vehicle to long term success. As you and I know, once a person depends on a substance (pill or whatever) the game done changed. First, the body adjusts to the substance and then NEEDS that substance because the body stops producing it's natural chemicals. More importantly, the mindset of the individual has changed. Meaning they can cure all their problems with a toke, poke, pill or drink... instantly.

Reference the children, schools are using the medication route to "chain" children in their seats. Some of those children are just being kids, and some come from environments that promote outward expressions. But here's what pisses me off. If the school(many schools) says a child needs to be medicated, the parent has to comply, or the child will not be allowed to come to school. But check this, the decision (medicate or not) is a kangaroo court. In many cases the decision is made by reference from a teacher or counselor. Of course the doctor has to sign off, but that's like giving your child to a child molester. They see an easy mark.

It's a crying shame and many parents are letting the system send their children into a nightmare. It's a life long tunnel of no return. I've seen it hundreds of time.

Moanerplicity said...

For the most part, I agree, Mac. Yet, the ironic thing is, depending upon where you live, sometimes it's actually better for members of society to get involved in raising our children.

I mean, just today, there were reports (& video) of 2 year-old smoking weed. Apparently/ allegedly, she was TAUGHT by her MOTHER how to smoke weed! WTF? I mean, damn! The average stranger would have more love and concern for a small child than this little girl's own deadbeat excuse for a mama!



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