Sunday, January 22, 2012

So do I shed a tear?

I just read on CNN where Joe Paterno,the former Penn State Football Coach has passed away.
I usually don't speak ill of the dead,but lord forgive me this one time.
Joe's knowledge of the child abuse activities of his former assistant coach Sandusky,keeps me from  wanting to shed a tear of his passing.
Maybe his family will take some of the millions they made from his tenure at Penn State and help the victims of Sandusky's madness!
                                                         Big Mac!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Fearing Truth!

Just thinking of my own reaction  to the naked truth,it's scary at first but it gets easier to deal with the more I practice it.
I imagine for most folks looking at yourself in living color is not a easy task to do.
The way I look at it,  I have twenty-five more good years on this earth,that's if the creek don't rise.
So I can't afford to waste anymore time on people,places and things that bring no value to my life.
It's just that simple for me!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Don't Get Me Started!

On the stupid moves and decisons I see a few young people who I work with make in 2012.
With all of the information at our fingertips today some behavior should be a thing of the past.
This society have convince so many young people in my community that there behavior shouldn't be tempered.
Some of their behavior can be directly traced to their upbringing,but most from the likes of Madison Ave.
Some of the young people that I often encounter are still cashing their paychecks at the corner store or check cashing joint.
Hell I wouldn't be mad if they had their check deposited in a prepaid debit card account,at least they are not being charged 3-10% of their check to get it cashed.
And what's up with the buying of knock-off purses and clothes and multi-colored hair?
Our young people need to do better on the financial front,my advice to all is to invest in a home.
In today's real estate market(Pittsburgh) a young person making as little as $20,000 can purchase a starter home,something they can look in the mirror and say it will be mine in 15-30 years.
I have not lost faith in my young co-workers,I'll keep hammering away with them until I take my last breath of air!
                                                                   Big Mac!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Be Careful of The Things You Ask For!

How many of us have been in trying situations and all of sudden we remembered how to pray?
And when our creator heard and brought us out of that darkness,did we remember to give thanks?
I have learned through my many trials and tribulations that part time praying and asking my creator for guidance is a joke! It's a full time job for me.
What I have learned , praying is something I need to do no matter what the situation is,most of us think our creator don't have time for our mundane issues.
But I have to fight to keep my blessing cause there are too many forces out here that is tugging for my heart.
With every blessing we get,we have to learn how to conquer something that is hindering our life.
                                                              Big Mac!