Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Don't Get Me Started!

On the stupid moves and decisons I see a few young people who I work with make in 2012.
With all of the information at our fingertips today some behavior should be a thing of the past.
This society have convince so many young people in my community that there behavior shouldn't be tempered.
Some of their behavior can be directly traced to their upbringing,but most from the likes of Madison Ave.
Some of the young people that I often encounter are still cashing their paychecks at the corner store or check cashing joint.
Hell I wouldn't be mad if they had their check deposited in a prepaid debit card account,at least they are not being charged 3-10% of their check to get it cashed.
And what's up with the buying of knock-off purses and clothes and multi-colored hair?
Our young people need to do better on the financial front,my advice to all is to invest in a home.
In today's real estate market(Pittsburgh) a young person making as little as $20,000 can purchase a starter home,something they can look in the mirror and say it will be mine in 15-30 years.
I have not lost faith in my young co-workers,I'll keep hammering away with them until I take my last breath of air!
                                                                   Big Mac!


msladydeborah said...

Our youth are not the only ones who need a financial education. I believe we could benefit from having a decent foundation of knowledge about how money really needs to work in our lives.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

I agree msladydeb:I feel so much for our young because so many have not a clue.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately they don't teach personal finance in high school, BigMac. But they definitely should.

It takes most people until they're about 30 to learn how to manage their money.

Have a great MLK weekend, BigMac!

And sorry about your Steelers. I can't believe they let the Broncos beat them.

Black Diaspora said...

"I have not lost faith in my young co-workers,I'll keep hammering away with them until I take my last breath of air!"

Keep the faith, Mac, although You may not see immediate evidence of your good works. Sometimes it takes years to surface.

Anonymous said...

Keep telling them how you feel and what you know Big Mac, you never know when they are going to "hear" what you said - it could be a year from now and there it is!!