Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hero's And Shero's

We(Black Folk) need some heros and sheros quick fast and in a hurry,I'm telling you if we don't find some real heros and sheros soon there will be no good reason for any us to live.Some of my people are so far to the left( And I don't mean politically) that we can't see the forest for the trees.Some of us really believe that  all of the work is done in their lives.They have a good job,house,car and 2.5 children in the suburbs.Naw folks your work has only begun,because now you got to prepare for the day when your "good job" may be downsized in the language of the human resource experts.Where I come from that would be preparing for when you are let go,FIRED.I have lived in a few places throughout this country where black folks are living large and sometimes have titles and feel that they are in charge.But what are we building or how many jobs are we creating in these"powerful postions"? I'm just saying folks!Another thing when are we as a people going to start living within our means?All of the folks I see out here riding in those luxury German cars and living in subsidized housing need to get a reality check.Even if you can afford the payment,what sense does it make for you to be spending that kind of money for a damn car.That $500.00 month payment could go into a 529 education account for your children's education.And if you don't have children put that $500.00 payment in a CD making 2% interest every month.Yea folks we need some banking heros and sheros in our lives! Before anyone misunderstand where I'm coming from,I LOVE ALL OF MY PEOPLE I MAY NOT APPROVE OF YOUR BEHAVIOR BUT I LOVE YOU DISPITE YOUR SELVES.AND THERE ISN'T A DAMN THING YOU CAN DO ABOUT THAT FACT!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Many folk are doing like Otis Redding

You know just sitting on the dock of the bay,just watching the tide of life sail away.I don't care if you have a corporate job or a government job,today you may lose it or be downsize at any moment.What makes you think it can't happen to you?You think your bosses love you and care about the welfare of your family? If you think in those terms you better turn around and look at the highway behind you,it's littered with people who thought like you.So Bigmac Mr.Know it all what do you suggest that I do? Ok since you ask,open your eyes to the things that are really going on around you, from work to home life and begin to change what you can.Stop pretending that you are all that and a bag of chips.Start to reach back and pull someone else up so they may also begin to enjoy some of the fruits of life.I thought this was worth reposting.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Why aren't you upset about the banks bonuses?

It's been over a year since the economy has begun it's tailspin,but I don't see a lot of people upset? Have we not noticed all of our neighbors who are out of work?We continued to pretend that we are still all that and a bag of chips?What will it take for the average person out here to get outraged at the economy?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Tyler Perry On The CBS Show 60 Mins.

I saw Tyler Perry last night on 60 Mins.,interesting segment for me,I learn a little more about Black life and myself everytime I hear  how others have experience life as a black man growing up here in the  good old USA.Man its hard being a poor black boy in this country,the media and the powers that be don't respect us the way God created us,so we as black people need to re-think how we treat each other.Some of us think because overt racism has gone underground that there is no work to be done.The work that needs to be done is truth seeking,the kind of truth seeking that hurts to the bone.Truth seeking will be my theme this week so stay tune!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Could The Flu Emergency Be A Pig In The Blanket?You Tell Me

It seems President Obama has turned the heat up and has declared a national flu emergency,I personally don't know anyone with this new strain of the swine flu.I do remember the swine flu scare from 1976 and remember getting both the flu and the shot.So I'm relucdant to try the shot again.The most pressing reason for me in not getting the shot is simple,I don't trust our government period!And folks I'm no way as paranoid as you may think,I'm of the mind that a healthy dose of paranoid is good.And no I don't want to hear the arguement that I should now trust the government now the some of my kin folks now live in the "Brown House" erh I mean the "WhiteHouse".I don't trust a word that comes out of President Obama's mouth.And no my last name is not Limbaugh.It's simple folks President Obama is a first class politican that this country hasn't seen in it's life time.You know you got to be a bad MF if you can convince half of the rednecks in Pittsburgh to vote for your Black behind.So what makes Black folk think that he wouldn't sell our no information laden head down the river.What makes black folk think that President Obama wouldn't sell the ideal that we need these shots in the hood? Have yall forgotten your history?If I say Tuskegee,Alabama would that jog a few remnants of history for you.And for you folks who have forgotten about "health care reform"  When President Obama gets  the political will to step up to the plate and defy the health care industry and pass some sweeping reform,then maybe I'll give him some breathing room. So folks don't come talk to me about a pig in the blanket until you show me some beef on the issues most pressing in this country.JOBS,HOUSING,HEALTH CARE FOR EVERYONE!

Friday, October 9, 2009

All my skin folk,ain't my kin folk

I have followed another blog (Field Negro) and in the beginning thought I would find most people on the blog interested in helping black folk to better understand them selves and the world that we live.But that dream died a week into signing on,why in the world can't we share information or educate each other without name calling and degrading each other? Some folks lives depend on negitive vibes to exist.

Why don't we get help for mental illness?

Everyday as the sun rise I have come to the  realize that some of my people are crazy as a bed bug. I don't say this with malise or disrepect but with compassion.We must begin to understand the long term damage that dysfunctional families have  on our minds and thoughts.Just the other day here in Pittsburgh I was in line at the Gaint Eagle and watched as a young mother berate in public on her cell phone the father of her young son,right in front of him and any one within hearing distance.People this not the White-mans fault this is our own behavior and we need to own it and correct it now!