Saturday, April 9, 2011

Yes Lord The Games People Play!

Congress people in Washington and politicians in general ,just  got  to be the lowest of the species we call human beings.
For the past week all I have seen and heard in the news is the back and forth between the Democrats and the Republicans leadership(aside from the daily slaughter going on in the streets of my neighborhood), about how not to let the Federal Government cease operating.
Well truth be told these folks had no intention of letting that happen,it was a game of who was going to say 'uncle" first.
This battle between the two dominant political parties in Washington wasn't about cutting the budget deficit,but about how to cut programs that help poor folk in general and women in particular.
If these Congress people truly wanted to cut the deficit in the Federal budget,all they had to do was go straight to the Military spending budget  pull out the switch blade and get to cutting.
It wasn't about lowering my taxes so I can afford name brand corn flakes,instead of Wal-Marts house brand,no it was about cutting off Pell Grants,so Skippy and Ray-Ray couldn't attend College and have a life instead of standing on the corner smoking a blunt.
This showdown on Capitol Hill folks was also about preventing poor women from having family planning resources and information,i.e. banning abortions.
The most important reason this showdown occurred is because of the political action and influence of the movement known as the "Tea Party".
Poor and working class people have better start to open their eyes and ears to these people,because the train they are driving doesn't stop in our neighborhoods!
                                                         Big Mac


CareyCarey said...

So true. Politics is a grimmy business. I've come to a point that I can't stand to listen to any of the arguments because it's all smoke and mirrors. Beneath all of it is the "poor", of all colors. It's about the "haves" keeping their interest front and center.

On the defence tip, who makes all the weapons? Yeah, some rich white dudes. Health care, who owns the insurance companies? Yeah, white dudes. lets protect those pour souls in Egypt and the other countries in that area... Bullsh*t. It should say... lets protect our special interest... like oil. Who owns the oil companies... rich white folks. But let those black folks in Rowanda kill each other to the tune of 1/2 million people.

And the biggest bottom line should say... The tea party and their ilk will bitch and moan about every proposal brought to the floor (even if they are receiving a pot of gold) because they want that black man out of there! He's standing in front of their greatest treasure, the idea that the white man is the supreme being. To many, that's worth more than diamonds and gold.

Reggie said...

Politics and all politicians could seriously use an enema.

I read somewhere that in this country we spend more $$$ on our military than everyone else in the world combined.

If that's not wasteful I don't know what is.

Anonymous said...

I feel like many in the govt.are more worried about competing with each other than getting anything done. They want solutions as long as it is their own solution; they will stand in the way of anything that doesn't make them look like a hero. Things are too serious for petty posturing. We need to help each other and find solutions. Thanks for your post Big Mac!!

Daij said...

cosign with Reggie

Dirty Red said...

Well Mac...I have been writing about my disdain for politricksters since I started my spot 3 years ago.
I am in the military so I think we need more of your tax dollars son!! lol..
Just kidding man. I see the waste of the military on a daily basis. To this day I do not see a reason why Ft. Hood has civilian security guards at the gates entering the post, when we have thousands of MP's and privates that are getting paid and trained to do the same job. We are training these youngsters to guard other nations security and shoot to kill the evil axis's of the world, but we do not use them to guard our own bases? It makes not nan lick of sense.

Nilofer said...

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