Monday, February 20, 2012

Baby Momma,Daddy Drama Even In Death!

As I caught a snippet or two of the coverage of Whitney Houston's home going service,I could not ignore the drama between Bobby Brown and the Houston family.
Bobby Brown is a waste for a human being,he showed no respect for his ex-wife or her family at their time of mourning.
Why was it necessary for him to be the center of attention,ok folks let's call this like it is,Bobby Brown has not earn the big piece of chicken,in other words he has not earned the title father,in my opinion he's just a sperm donor.
His' focus at this point in time should be on saving his daughter and his other children from a lifetime of dysfunction.
Bobby Brown should grow up quick fast and in a hurry and get real about this thing we call life.
He needs to take his rusty,dusty down to the Ford plant and get a real JOB,in my opinion he not a great entertainer,I wouldn't pay one wooden nickle to see him perform.
Now that I have gotten that off my chest,have great day out there folks!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

So Will We Learn Anything From Whitney's Death?

The short answer is no,because we don't like to ask  and look at the hard questions about her life.
It seems to me everyone wants to just remember the songs she sung,the dresses,the awards,but not the cold hard reality of how she lived her life.
Those are the things we should be gathering from Whitney's death,when a love one dies in my family,yes I cry and wonder why.
But when all is said and done,I look at the strength of that love one,I look at the weaknesses of that love one and grow from those experiences.
I don't bury the ugly truth,I learn from it!
                                                                                  Big Mac!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Ok I loved Whitney too........

But damn when are we  human beings going to start telling the straight up damn truth about choices we make in this life?
Don't take my commentary as cold and insensitive,but damn people Whitney had enough money and people around her to make better decisons,from the dipshit she married to the decision to put drugs into that temple God provided her.
Most of the people who were close to her were leeches and allowed her to continue down this road of destruction,have we not seen this same  movie before with MJ?
We need to get real people not only about the life style of the rich and famous,but about our own lives of escaping to relive pain that comes naturally by living on this earth,it's time for all us humans to man and woman up about the choices we make.