Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Answer Sometimes Is Right At Our Fingertips

I took a few days of vacation and it's the first time in awhile that I'm not rushing to do anything today.
So here I'm thinking about songs of my youth, from gospel to Rand B and I have been in hog heaven all morning listening to them,bringing back memories lost in space and time.
A few of these songs I have posted to the right side of the "Forest". Enjoy

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas To All!

I just want to take the time to wish everyone a Merry Christmas,I'm learning to not wait for Christmas Day to celebrate Christmas and it's true meaning,but to make everyday I live Christmas.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

President Obama

I'll admit I have had my disappointments with President Obama's policies and decisons these past few years.
But I had a three o'clock moment this morning about the enormity of his job as President.
It's easy for me to sit here behind the computer screen and make Monday Morning quarterback comments on his decisons.
Many people who have issues with President Obama's decisons and polices need to start asking seriously why he's attention to our problems seem to be on the back burner.
During the Presidential Campaign of 2008 many people join the bandwagon to elect President Obama at the last moment.
Yes poor people came out in droves to vote for this Presidential candidate,many voted for him simply because he was the lesser of two evils,some voted for him to see history being made of electing a man of color to the most powerful postion in the world.
Whatever the reason you voted for President Obama it's not ok if  you don't understand the first rule of politics,"the squeaky wheel gets the oil'!
Many in my community don't understand this concept,thats why on the local level our neighborhoods are the last to receive any type of city,county or state attention or monies.
President Obama knows and understands what's going on in poor communities throughout this country.
I personally feels he is a very compassionate man.
It's simply the reality of politics in this country that keeps him from doing more for the poor in this country.
The media and talking heads along with the Corporations in this country have convinced a lot of people who could do more for the downtrodden in this society that they are not worthy of a decent life.
This ideal of unworthiness is so strong that many poor people  believe this lie!
And because we don't read or study the things we need to read and study in our communities,it's so easy for the above mention forces to manipulate us.
It's high time that poor people start to look at this process called life in a different manner,it's time  we start to eliminate people,places and things that keep us from seeing the forest for the trees.
President Obama is not the reason we poor people are where we are today in this country,we are where we are because of the choices we have made in our lives!
75% of the problems that affect our lives today is not because of oppression from someone else,it's because we have brought into this consumerism lie of what I need to make me whole as a person!
I submit that we don't need the latest gadgets that seems to be introduce daily to the masses,I don't need a big fancy car to make a statement about who I am.
I submit that clothes are another problem poor people have that we don't have to have,what a lot of poor people don't know or understand is you can have all of the name brands on your back,but you still are broke and poor as a  person.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Y'all Just Need To Stop!

Stop the thinking that you are not beautiful,my jaw almost dropped yesterday after hearing a co-worker exclaim that her hair wasn't acceptable to her.
She went on telling a fellow worker that she need to put a perm in her hair to make herself feel better about herself.
Even though I wasn't directly in this conversation I was only 7 feet from it so I couldn't miss what was being said.
As a man I feel responsibility to tell these young people I work with the truth,I was in form yesterday and just lit a fire and brimstone sermon on those two young ladies.
Why is it that we hate what God has given us as a people,?There is nothing wrong with the texture of the hair God created for Black people!
Why is it that we got to put chemicals and fake hair on our heads to feel whole as a person.
Madison Ave. has done a job on Black people that I feel will take four hundred years  to erase,the self hate is so deep,that the devil stays away,because there's nothing left for him to do!
He just sits back in the form of other people laughing and raking in profits from all the things we purchase to make ourselves look like what Madison Ave says is beautiful!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


It's that time of the year again folks when everyone is out and about shopping for gifts and other items of the season,unless of course you are among those four million Americans who's unemployment checks  ran out last week.
I can't remember a Christmas when I was young that was memorable,you know the one that sticks out in your mind and brings smiles of joy.
So as an adult I don't really get all that worked up about Christmas and all the celebration trimming that comes with it.
 I  don't go out of my way to spoil the season for the people who I love and care about..
So yes it's easy to blame  others and the commercialization of Christmas as a reason for me as an adult not to celebrate christmas.
But that is not the real reason I don't celebrate christmas today,the reason I believe is because I'm bankrupt spiritually on what christmas mean.
I can't continue to use my poverty of youth as the reason why anything in my life is the way it is today.
The pity pot syndrome is not the way to go for me today,what happen fifty years ago is over!
Listen I'm responsible for everything that goes on in my life,I can't just take the bull by the horns in selected situations.
This ship I'm on called my life is govern by my decisons today and I must make the correct ones in both actions and planning.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Wesley Snipes Comes To Pennsylvania

Not to make any of his block buster movies,but to do three years of  federal prison time,given to him for tax evasion.
Mr. Snipes I'm the last fellow in the world who wants to pay taxes on the little bit of money that I make.
But it's my civil duty to help pay for the freedoms and other government programs that help this society function.
Ok I'll stop waving the flag and singing the national anthem,but anyway you slice it or dice it taxes and death you can't escape.
It's not that Mr.Snipes couldn't afford to pay taxes on his monies earned,it's a attitude of entitlement one where he felt that he could have his cake and eat it also.
Just as I noted in a post a few weeks back concerning Congressman Charles Rangel's sudden lost of memory of who he was,I believe Mr.Snipes really started to believe he was as bad as some of the bad ass characters he played in many of his movies.
I'm not one to kick a person when he or she is down,so let me just welcome Mr. Snipes to the "Keystone State" and wish him well  while doing his three years standing on his head!

Any One Have A Mountain For Sale?

I'm getting so sick of the behavior of people that I'm  thinking about finding me a private mountain top and moving there.
I really have had it up to my neck with the rudeness and disrespect shown by people I have encountered lately.
Listen folks I know people are hurting financially and emotionally out here,but the rudeness and disrespect will not change your circumstances.
Maybe this rudeness is not by happenstance but a design play to rid this society of certain groups or types of people.
Do we ever stop to think why certain types of behavior is occurring among a group of people?
And when we start to look closer at the picture we find so many of the circumstance's similar.
Hell if I can see this why can't the people with advance degrees and knowledge see it?
Where is the leadership in this society?
Seems to me most are to busy lining their pockets with money and fame and have forgotten what their duties are as leaders.
While watching the news of President Obama's secret trip to Afghanistan to save it's people from killing and maining each other,the local news here in Pittsburgh is the same Pokey and Ray-Ray were running down Frankstown Road shooting at each other.
Houston we have a problem and it's not 8,000 miles away from Washington,Mr.President why are you not on the corner pleading for peace on the Franktown Roads of America?