Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So who's going to raise that child?

I'm so sick and tired of men in my community fathering children and just leaving them for the mother or her family to raise.Let me talk to you sorry son of bitches out there,you know who you are,Mr.Cool who claim that women can't keep their hands off of your sorry excuse of a human beings ass.Where in the name of God did you lose your responsiabilty for taking care of what you created or cause(bills,children in particular).The days of being "Macdaddy" are over,it's time you get up off of your asses and take care of the children you created and stop pimping others for your pleasure.It's time you get a real job,any dam job,if it requries you to work three at $6.00 a hour so be it,get your ass up and support your kids,or do you need the white folks from the courthouse to haul your ass down there to make you do what god created you to do?Damit I'm tired of looking at the 6pm news and seeing Skippy and Ray-Ray being hauled off to jail or being picked up off the corner to be taken to the Medical Examiner's Office.Don't give me your sorry ass excuses anymore that you can't do this or you can't find a job.Bullshit you can do whatever you want with  that mind that god created,getup out of that Bar or Club and get your ass home and mentor that child you created.IT'S TIME YOU START TO DO WHAT IS KNOWN IN THIS LIFE THE THE DIRTY WORK!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Somebody Has To Do The Dirty Work

Good Morning all,this my first post so don't go ballastic on me for errors,but I can't help but saying I'm sick of the excuse making going on in the African-American Community.I'm sick of the rating scale we have for getting disgusted at issues affecting our community.If someone White had done to that 16 year old kid in Chi-town every Black activist and politican would have been on this story like white on rice. Why are we afraid to do the dirty work thats needed in our community?