Thursday, October 27, 2011

By Any Means Necessary Part 20

Sampson sat nervously in the waiting area of the bank,not knowing what the decision about his loan would be,it's been three months since he submitted his papers.
After about a hour of waiting Mayor Coop emerged from his office followed by  Billy Bob the Fire and Rescue Chief also a dear friend of Sampson.As Billy Bob pass Sampson his nod was the look that brought relief to Sampson.Billy Bob's role in Crackling was more then just fire and rescue chief,he was also the voice of reason for the powerful and rich,he had explain to the Mayor and the other powerful folk in town one way of countering this new movement to equality was to get ahead of the game.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

By Any Means Necessary Part 19

Spring 1960 in Crackling,NC was bustling with great expectations for many of the people of little means,a presidential race was heating up with a promising candidate who was talking about change and hope.
Sen.John Kennedy was making inroads to a population who since the civil war had voted for Republicans ,because it was said Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves of this country.
What many did not know was freeing the slaves was not the first option on Lincoln's plate,the Democrats were beginning to make inroads to people of color and other marginalized folks.Sen. Kennedy was making trips to campaign in places like Blue field,West Virgina in the heart of Appalachia coal country.
There were secret meeting with the leaders of the Civil Rights movement Martin Luther King Sr. father of  MLK Jr. met privately with Sen. Kennedy and his staff to offer support for his campaign and to seek changes for the conditions of his people.
The race between Kennedy and Nixon was a dead heat for  election day November 1960,it all hinged on a curial televised debate between the two candidates.The excitement of the Presidential race didn't escape the attention of the powerful folk of Crackling,there were meetings in the backrooms of the rich to find a way to control or minimize this brazen liberal Senator name Kennedy from up north!
Sampson nervously walked in to the front door of the Crackling Saving and loan on Main Street,he was clean as the board of health,dressed in his Sunday go to Church clothes,he waited his turn to speak with the loan officer Mayor Cropp.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

By Any Means Necessary! Part 18

The Christmas Season of 1959 in Crackling was coming to a close ,1960 was slowly being ushered in.
For Sampson it will be a year of transformation,the cobwebs have slowly dissipated from his mind,his determination was to take back his role as the man of the house.
This has been a burning issue for him,the embarrassment of having to beg,borrow and steal to make things work in the home was destroying his spirit.
Come spring Sampson was determine to again plant the forty aces of tobacco that had always graced the family land.
But he also knew he would need a farmers loan to purchase the equipment and materials for planting season.
And the only place he knew where he could get that kind of money was the Crackling Saving and Loan.