Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Pittsburgh Steelers, Mike Vick ,Animal lovers ,Bad recipe!

Mike Vick was invited to the Steelers training camp to interview for a job as #2 QB.Then all hell broke out in the media in Pittsburgh, animal rights activists were drulling at the mouth,undercover Pittsburgh racist were screaming for a lynching, all because the man wants to work.Many Steelers fans have been mad as hell since,Super Bowl winning Coach Tombin was selected by the Rooney Family to be the third coach ever.Animal right activists still think he should be in prison or dead! Never mind that I hear no one calling for star QB Big Bens head,how soon people forget about his deviant behavior with young girl's a few years back!                                                                                         Bigmac

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Some People Just Don't Get It,NFL Players Get Your Act Together!

Every Morning for the past two weeks, I have awaken to hear on ESPN another Black NFL player being paraded before the media in handcuffs. What no White folk committing any crime in America? I'm willing to bet my last wooden nickel that Wall Street is ripe for picking.Why haven't the media focus their camera lens on the crazy dude in Northeastern Pennsylvania, running around killing and wounding State Patrolmen? I believe that racism has again lifted it's ugly head,when poor white folk are doing bad economily, the powers that be have to bring out their reserved scape goat Black  folk who don't get it!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Black Political Structure in Ferguson got some explaining to do!

As to why the political structure in Ferguson was allowed to exist? Why suddenly they need to register people to vote.My question what the hell have y'all been doing all the years you have been in county and state offices? Could some of you Black political leadership have a middle name of "Shady Grady"?              Bigmac!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Where Was Common Sense?

When I first saw the story  about the nine year old girl and the Uzi, all I could do was shake my head.Now because some gun-crazy buttparents wanted their child to be Miss. Al Capone.Everyone from the shooting instructor(who was killed)to the parents were irresponsible.                                                      Bigmac

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Life is Bitch and then you die!

There ain't no heaven and hell your behind is going to go six feet down and turn back into dirt! So it's time to get off your rusty dusty and play the hand you were dealt.You don't need no preacher to tell you your lifestyle may not be in your best interest, those scary dreams that woke you up at 3am say it all. You don't need no breaking news from CNN to tell you that Pokie and Ray_Ray are out in the neighborhood acting a fool,when their behind need to be in some kind of school.Which brings me to the reason for my post this morning,last night they open a new Casino in downtown Baltimore, there were enough people standing in line to shoot a modern day Tarzan movie. And of course the news media was there in force to record how the natives would act.It didn't take long for them to find their person to show this morning to the public acting a fool.The Fire Marshall and Police stop many people who were wrapped around the casino for blocks,from entering, simply because the place was packed to the gills.Then the media find Aunt pokie buried in the line to get into the casino, bitching and moaning because the line was what it was.Folks this is why we are broke as a gotdam Church Mouse,thinking we are going to go to the casino and strike it rich! Now you know why the immigrants who come to this country, flock to the neighborhood to open any kind of business.                                                                                     Bigmac!