Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why are Black People Still Going To Jail?

I know you will say because some of us are committing crimes against society,and yes thats true,because in ever segment of society there are some people who will not hit a lick(work).
But folks are you not sick of going down to the county jail,dragging your children along to visit  skippy and ray-ray?
It's about time we start to raise our children the correct way folks,I mean you made a decison to have this child,now its time for you to put away your child like thinking.
But oh you are just a child your self,so whats happening to our children that today they are having children?
As you can see folks there is a lot of work to be done in our community before we can seriously begin to address the title of this blog post.
So where do we begin?
Where is the leadership in our community?
Where are the Pastors?
Where are the true men who are willing to stand up and be real men and lead?
Where are the true teachers,who really teach?
Oh where oh where have my people gone?
Why have we fallen for the slick Madison Ave hype of this who we are?
Why are so many Black people still self hating?


Jay Midnyte said...

Hey thanks for subscribing to I'm one of the contributors there. I also have my own blog,

But on the point of your post, I think economics is the starting point of restoring any community because poverty breeds all the hate and ignorance we don't want to see. Second we would have to take over educating our kids cuz the schools definitely ain't. And parents have to work together and develop a community attitude, helping each other out with problems, etc.

That's where I would start.

Reggie said...

It starts in the home brother; and if we truly love them, we talk to them.

I have two children, both in college. My son will be 21 in November and my daughter just turned 19, fortunately neither have children of their own. We anguish about watching them take their first steps, get their first haircuts, go to school for the first time, go to their sporting events and etc. Well it's most important that we talk to them about the significant differences between right and wrong.

It's sad and it ain't gonna get any better anytime soon. These young hoppers today don't fear anything. Yesterday's youths feared God and their father, many of the ones today just don't care.