Sunday, October 10, 2010

Should Some People Be Locked Up Forever?

Lets be honest in our community(Black Community) we allow people who are criminals to run freely,we know Pookey and Ray-Ray are breaking into people homes and stealing and robbing,but we still put up with their behavior!
Some of my Blogger friends will quickley dismiss my thoughts on this subject as brainwashing by the mainstream media.
But I will insist the brainwashing is a belief that we shouldn't tell on them,well let me be frank I work too hard  for my money and stuff for some lowlife( and thats what you are if you steal from a neighbor) to break-in my place while I'm busting my behind for minimum wages.
A few days ago a neighborhood kid  and his little gang of misfits finally got busted bigtime for some type of criminal activity.
Because I don't know what they were finally hauled off to the pokey for I won't say,but I do know that these little lowlifes have broken into other homes in the neighborhood and gotten away with it simple because no one would speak up and tell what they know.
If anything good has come out of them being behind bars is we can now go to work knowing five no good punks are where they belong!


Anonymous said...

I agree with you bigmac, there are some young people that will keep doing what their doing, until they get caught and even after they get caught, they still will continue that same life style, because that's all they know, no one including parents or family was/is willing to try to make a difference or teach them there's a better way. So once they get caught up in the criminal system it's almost impossible to get them back on track.

Beauty and Health Editor said...

I also agree with you.

Why should criminals of any kind be running the streets stealing from hardworking folks, who in many cases are struggling to make ends meet?

I can relate to the story as well, so I doubly agree that they should be locked up. GOOD.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Agree, some many parents are so busy with "their own lives" that they have forgotten the life they have brought into this god forsaken jacked up world!

Beauty and Health Editor said...

Actually, I don't think it's 100% always the parents to blame.

Sometimes, some people are lacking in contentment and always want what other have. It makes it even worse when they are lazy, because instead of working so that they can be able to buy their own, they go off and still what other have worked hard for, not only that, sometimes they kill people as well, just for a mobile phone, car and so on.

But, I guess because we are living in a world where greed appears to be the order of the day, some people who for some reason or the other can't work, or won;t work, will steal.


BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Beauty and Health Editor:agree there comes a point in every persons life that they must take charge and responsibility for their lives and behavior.
But I also think too many childrens behavior is rooted in their me life and parents behavior.
A trueism I believe the apple never falls too far from the tree.

Anonymous said...

@Beauty & Health Editor - I disagree with you, it is, on the parents. How you train up a child will determine what his/her outcome will be. Don't get me wrong, sometimes even when a child is brought up right, taught the right values, etc. he/she may fall along the way, but because of that initial home training, at some point it will kick back in.
Teaching our children, does make all the difference.

CareyCarey said...

Big Mac Attack, when I heard someone say the apple didn't fall far from the tree, I came running. Well, actually, 2 days ago I wrote a post on the subject.

However, to some degree (a large degree), my take is a little different than the common opinion. See, those that are quick to point a finger at the common low level thief, should maybe look in their own heart and own life, to see how they fit in this gumbo of "wayward activities".

Yes, I too believe a lot of the blame and guilt of a child's behavior rests at the feet of their parents, but when we isolate thoses "crimes" in one area such as theft, we are in many ways stratifying ourselves above the more serious issue that affect our children, and children on a whole.

For instance, the "hush-hush and don't tell" mindset in the black community, has been passed down from past generations. Not just in individual homes, but throughout the whole black community. In many ways, it was a survival tool. As we all know, trusting in the white man to solve our problems(even today), was not something we could rely on.

Don't get me wrong, I am not condoning bad behavior, I'm only suggesting that the "TREE" is huge, and thus, the APPLE has many genetic markers.

Of course I could go on about this but here's my post on the issue. It's a small sample of my views on the subject. We all have passed something down to our children, and much of it is by far, worst than a being a thief.

Why Does The Bad Things Always Feel So Good: The Apple Does Not Fall Far From The Tree.


BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Carey:I know there is something deep and hidden in your post as usually,so before I respond to what you have posted here ,I'm going to let what you said sink in my brother!

CareyCarey said...

Big Mac, what time did you get up this morning, because I see we are on the same page. Well, I just noticed you stopped by before I wrote that long comment :-).

But I came back because of Lil Bit's and Beauty & Health's comments. I see they have a small disagreement (which I like), so if you don't mind, I'd like to hear their view of how I approached the subject. I mean, I'd like for them to read my post. To a degree, I believe we are all are in the same ball park.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Carey we did cross wires this morning,I have not blogged or post anything for a few weeks.
My policy is not to post unless I really have something to add to the recipe of life or improve the flavor.
I don't want to be like JB'S song and be known for talking loud and saying nothing.
But I digress my friend I understand your post clearer now that I have had my fifthy cup of Maxwell house.
We all have demons in our closet,and only for the grace of my god,I'm not up in some jail or prison right now.

Moanerplicity said...

Not a big fan letting criminals
(no matter their color or their proximity to me) run free. It's not serving you or the community any good in sheltering them from the strong arm of the law. Stealing is easy. Working & struggling for what we have is HARD. Damn hard!

Something happened in my family recently, & the details are sketchy. But it reflects badly upon a kid I know. Some family members will actually turn a blind eye to such shady activity... as if they are, in some way, condoning it. That's not only sad, but it builds a legacy of dishonesty & shitty character which will only fester, become worse & far more soiled in years to come.

I repeat, not a fan of that ish! People need to step up & stop allowing these kids to go unchecked! Or else they themselves are the Frankensteins helping to build new monsters.


BigmacInPittsburgh said...

One: I feel you my friend and I understand where Carey is coming from too when he ask everyone to search our hearts for understanding.
But how much understanding am I suppose to have for a wayward kid when his own mother and family knows what he's doing?

CareyCarey said...

Mac said: "But how much understanding am I suppose to have for a wayward kid when his own mother and family knows what he's doing?"

That's a good point.

And of course, it ushers in a bigger question/issue of what can the parent do? And, at what age do our words fall on deft ears?

More importantly, we can't always assume the parents have not been there, and have not given the child all the tools necessary to be a productive citizen.

I am suggesting that the child or young adult, is influenced by many more factors outside the home than inside. Granted, the roots are planted at home(good,bad and ugly), but that "soil" is fertilized by society at large.

In short, this is a great (and wide) topic.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

First thing Carey the grown folk need to growup themselves in order for Pookey and Ray-Ray to know the truth about this life.
And from the proch I
'm sitting on there is too many inmature parents walking around and about my neighborhood.

CareyCarey said...

Yep, there it is! I like to say.. "a person can not give something away, if they do not own it"

Beauty and Health Editor said...

Lil Bit,

I think you are misunderstanding what i am saying.

Some people are just bad, it doesn't matter whether their parents trained them up or not, they will still go the criminal route because they believe that they should get everything in life free and are spoiled and lazy.

Some parents do all that they can, yet they have a criminal in their midst. Some people are orphans, have NO parents in the world to care and love them and spoil them and can still aspire to all the top jobs and to have theor OWN family, children to love and care for. Parents are not 100% to blame especially IF they have done all they can to bring up an upstanding citizen.

I know people from all backgrounds who have had different experiences. In fact some people who were brought up well with everything STILL go down the criminal path. I think that is because from an early age you can see that some people have this felling of entitlement. Everything must be done for them, if not they throw tantrums, I think a lot of these things manifest in childhood, environment plays it's own part as well.

While some parents ALLOW their children to be spoiled rotten and give the whole world headches, some parents do a terrific job. At some point, a person has to take ownership of their own behaviour, actions and deeds. This is especially true when we reach a certain age, old enough to know better and be responsible, not to steal and take what belongs to other people or kill people for a worthless piece of jewellery and so on.

That's just what I think anyway.

Beauty and Health Editor said...

Oh, and I DO NOT have a hush hush, don't tell attitude. My Solicitor, and others in position of esteem defrauded me, I made complaints and the authorities did not want to know.

Frauds were being committed at my house, I went to the relevant places to complain because the headache I was facing was just too much.

Anyway, these so called authority figures, police, judges etc play their part in allowing CRIMINALS to get away with CRIMES because justice is not what it used to be. Too much political correctness and trying to please everybody and not offend somebody.

We need good upstanding citizens and judges as well as police officers who are NOT corrupt and actually themselves facilitationg crimes.

Also, we need a community approach. In the old days if a person saw x child doing something wrong, they would pull them up on it and give them a telling off, these days society is decaying because if you so much as say boo to another person's child, you may be under surveillance for being a paedophile.

Society as a whole is getting rotten from what I can see. What ever happened to good principles and good morals/ethics.

Besides, even authority figures who people are supposed to look up to are committing crimes, lying and stealing, so the youth probably think well, if they are doing it, then so can they, they have to get PAID or have to get their own freebies.

I mean look, it is even legal for someone to break into another person's house change the locks and start living there.

Society as a whole needs to change, it's decaying. Also, where have all the good people gone? The place is virtually unrecognisable.

Anonymous said...

Beauty and Health Editor, I totally get what your saying, some folks are just bad, and your right again when you say, some parents do all they can, yet they have children that turn out to go the wrong way.. There's more than one factor(environment, DNA, financial level, education,love,responsibility understanding) to mention a few ,that contribute to folks being credible and decent, most of those factors come from the parent.(rich or poor) I never said, Parents were 100% the blame, however, the point I was trying to make is parents or any other authoritative figure do play a significant role in how their children turn out as adults. Most children from a very early age absorb, what they're around. And no matter how bad you are or may turn out to be, at some point when you have that three o'clock moment, and everyone will have a 3 o'clock moment at some point in their life, if you've had parents that at least tried to teach you right from wrong,that's when you realize what they were really trying to say, even if you can't admit it to yourself or anyone else.The fact that, They built that foundation even if you've tried to dismiss it, once you've been taught something, It never goes away, that's when it's only been your choice . Right or Wrong, Positive or Negative, but when your taught something you know even if you don't put it into practice. You know. Some children don't know because they were not taught, others were taught & know, but choose to dismiss it.
either way, the parents have to take their responsibility in the equation. Once you reach a certain age, you should take ownership of what your doing, but that doesn't always happen either, it's easier to continue the craziness. That's why the criminal system, just controls and contains, instead of rehabilitating, they understand some folks can't be rehabilitated, and I agree. You pin pointed it in your second comment, what's happen to good principals, morals, and ethics.

CareyCarey said...

Lil bit, I just happen to be looking at my e-mail, and your last comment came through.

So I am compelled to say, your recent (last comment) says it all. In particular, your statement concerning all the factors that form a person. Then, you went on to talk about the 3 o'clock moments.

Now that was some good stuff. It doesn't take but a blink of an eye to make a decision that can define the rest of our lives.

I usually try to give my opinion based on something I've experienced, because then and only than can I talk about something I truly know.

In reference to those positive principles and characteristics we receive from our parents, that do not surface until we least expect it, I remember when one of those moments came to me. Well, in short, I was locked up for a crime I had committed. My mother had always stood behind me in my times of trouble, however, on this one occasion, when I called her for help, she said she had given it to God, and could no longer help me.

I was raised in the church, but I never really had a relationship with my God. But since I was raised in that invironment, and had a first hand view of what a person's belief had done for them, I had a great reference source. The seed was planted years ago, and consequently, I had a road map to a better life.

I am not necessary speaking only about a religion, it's more about looking back on those things that I never really accepted from my parents. Like you said, I wanted to do "it"/life "MY" way.

Beauty and Health Editor said...

This is a really good post.

Yep, I can certainly think of a few times when I didn't listen to my parents advice eg on the wrong boyfriend and so on.

Wow, I could say more but I am tired, maybe next time.

Daij said...

I am so in agreement with you, Bigmac. That is why I am so close to my nephew. All of his siblings (step brothers- they're father an ex-con back in jail again) are in jail, and my nephew is the only boy in the house that is in school and is focused and always wants to make his mother and me proud.
@ Lil Bit- very true. I have an ex-stepfather who has been in jail more years than he's been free and he admitted recently that he can't get used to being outside of jail and wants to get back in

Anonymous said...

Hey Big Mac!
You won't quit until you are ready and when you are ready you will know it. Looks like you have lots of friends to support you. Me too!