Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Black Man Who's Angry And Knows Why! Part 3

I'm mad and disgusted with the leadership that presently pimps it's self as the answer to our community's problems.
I'm disgusted with our Politicans,Teachers and most of all I'm disgusted with most of our Spiritual and Religious "Leaders".
Our politicans for not fighting like warriors for the State and Federal monies out there for the betterment of the neighborhoods they represent.
Most when elected forget the promises made and start to enrich themselves, their close friends and families.
The sad part about it all is we don't hold our politicans feet to the fire to bring the bacon home to our neighborhoods.
Most people in our neighborhoods,have a defeatist attitude toward the out come of the politicans who represent our neighborhoods,so in turn the politicans does what he or she pleases without consequence.
Our Teachers have no respect for the education of our Black and Brown youths,the expectation from our youths is zero and going down,it's not completly the teachers and School Boards  fault  for this level of expectation,it's hard to know what type of education your child is receiving when you are not engaged in their education.
I have seen parents who spend more time in the bars and clubs here in Pittsburgh,then in mentoring their children.
So when a child have not a clue as to the value of  a education,they bring nothing to the table for a teacher to work with.
The reality of teaching and Public Education today in the words of the great R and B singer Billy Preston "Nothing from Nothing Leaves Nothing".
Unlike when I was attending segregated schools in the late 1950's and 1960's the teachers lived in the same neighborhood and went to the same Churchs and Stores as my family.
So there was a expection from each and every child and family to do your best,that closeness is lost to many Black and Brown children today.
Most School Boards in a lot of Urban Centers are no more then stepping stones for higher political office,if you really look closer,most don't even have educators on the boards,again "nothing from nothing leave nothing.
In the coming days and weeks this theme will continue on this blog,stay tune.

Monday, June 21, 2010

A Black Man Who's Angry And Knows Why! Part 2

Sometimes the truth hurts and we like to divert from it's reality,we have many different ways of escaping those realities.
But escaping must soon come to a halt if we truly desire to live our lives in harmony.
If we think smoking a blunt or taking a shot or two of Old Granddad is our solution,I'm here to tell you that it will only delay the truth of the matter.
Our communities (black and brown) are saturated with ads for alcohol,tobacco and cars we can't afford.
But we still can't see the trick in all of these thing slapped in our faces,many of us base our worth as a person on how many or what type of these things we have in our possession.
And that's another reason I'm a angry Blackman,my folk being pimped and we can't see it!
Stay tune I'll continue this theme over the days and weeks.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Black Man Who's Angry And Knows Why! Part 1

There has been a lot of talk lately about President Obama not being angry enough about the BP Oil Spill and other issues that his administration have had to face.
There has been supporters of President Obama such as myself who have not been restrain from saying what I truly feel about a issue.
That doesn't mean that I don't support or love the brother,it means that I'm  at a point in my life that I won't sugarcoat my feeling.
I also understand there are a lot of people who are not at that point in their lives,so I do temper my response to some people for that reason.
I still tell those folks the truth,I just break it to them gently,so they can see what I'm talking about in their mind.
As I go about my daily life I deal with a lot of different people and have to adjust my brain for a lot of different mindsets,from the corn-fed racist redneck,to the corn-fed everyday black person who have not a clue what America is about.
I have learned to focus on one thing about a person and understand that one thing,at the same time listen carefully to what they are saying.
I find that most people just want to be safe,happy and to be able to go buy a six-pack on friday night.
In other words most people are simple,no bells and whistles,no thanksgiving day parade,just let me be.
Most people could care less if President Obama is mad as hell or not,because like I said they just want the basics.
Hence the angry Blackman in me,I want more then the basics for myself and my community,I have started to say community instead of black folks in general,because as Tavis Smiley said a few years back,"all of my skin folk,ain't my kin folk".
I have seen some black folks operate in a way that makes me more angry, then I get  at a out right racist.
Some examples of those kind of black folk are drug dealers,pimps,hoes,violent people who indescribiable hurt others for the dumbest reasons and people who refuse to mentor their children!
 This Post will be continued over a period of time,stay tune!

Friday, June 18, 2010

No More Excuses For Stupidity

Some of the responses to my post on the incident in Seattle had me thinking,maybe the reason we have so many problems with our children today is because we are always making an excuse for their behavior!
There is no excuse you can offer me that would justify those two young girls putting their hands on that cop.
Street rule number one,when engage for any reason with a cop,it's alway yes sir,no sir,yes  mam,no mam.
To engage a cop in 2010 in a war of words is suicidal in most urban centers in this country.
Too many people watch too many TV programs and are not engaged in the real world,most cops are scared to death each and everyday when they go out on the streets.
So when you know you are dealing with a scared man or woman,you
take another tact in any engagement.
Now the useless Seattle Branch of the NAACP is getting in the mix calling for the cops head and badage.
What many of you may not know,this is not these two young girls first dance with the law,in their mind and their way of thinking they were "keeping it real"!
Bullshit they were acting like two little thugs and as far as I'm concern,let's treat them like thugs,until they decide they want to join society and act like two ladies!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

No Love In Seattle

I'm a big fan of videos,they seem  to  tell a part of the story we humans leave out.
I try to call things as I see them,in Seattle we have a clear cut case of teens gone wild with no home training.
We also have a clear cut case of a cop who has issues and should never be allowed to wear a uniform  again,much less a gun.
Everyone involved in this situation was WRONG,the teens for not having the proper training in how to handle their behinds while out in public.
The cop was double wrong for letting his power go to his head,he's the kind of cop who down the road will most likely be on the police killed in action memorial wall.
I don't know of  any city that I have lived in that enforce Jaywalking laws,and even if some do now they  do it with a little more tacit then what was displayed in Seattle.
Every where I have read about this story the comments have been calling for the cop's head and telling the family and friends of the teens to call their local verison of Attorney Johnny Cochran,so they can get paid.
Sorry folks this not a battle I'm willing to fight,yes there was injustice coming from the cop when he punched the teenager and if we are honest she don't look or act like she's the type that's sitting in Sunday School every week.
I'm willing to let the Police Department handle the discipline of this jacklegged officer hoping they move him to permanent desk duty,even though the chance of that happening is 40/60.
Look I'm just as sick of brutes on our police forces as the next guy,but acting like jackasses and fighting cops on GP doesn't cut it with me.
We need to learn that that some of our folk need retraining also!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Stigma of Being on the Dole

Since late 2007 there has been a wide increase in the number of people who are recieving some kind of public assistance.(food stamps,unemployment,welfare etc..).
A number of people who now recieve some kind of aid from the government find it hard for their self esteem to realize that they are now part of the welfare system.
Many try to separate themselves from people who have recieving benifits for longer periods of times,by saying they are different from those other people.
I can sometimes tell when the new breed of food stamp folk roll up to my favorite Wal-Mart.
They are usually dressed to the nines and are driving their BMW or Benz,with a look on their face hoping no one will see them that they know.
These are the same people a few years ago who were calling the layed off workers from the steel and textile mills welfare queens and cheats.


Well my stubbornness has finally made a impact on me to change.
Yesterday I went to my foot doctor for a followup visit,he too burst my bubble on returning to work today.
Not only did he declare work off limits,but driving,walking and any use of my foot and leg,but trips to the can.
He also change the medication I was taking to a stronger anti-biotic,so another life lesson in the realm the bigger(EGO) they are, the harder they fall!

President's Speech

I was not impress with the speech from the Oval Office,President Obama didn't tell me anything new last night.
I believe President Obama's approach to issues is a glaring sign of weakness and failure.
I think it's time for the Black side of the President to make it's appearence,because right now he wouldn't make it walking down the street at midnight in the hood!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Great Writers

One of the the things I come to enjoy about the blog world is some of the gifted writers I have run across.
A  blog that I recently discovered (moanerplicities.blogspot.com) is one everyone should   click on and check out.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Getting serious about putting BP out of business!

Now here is some language usage from the past,we the people need to take charge of this BP Oil disaster.
Just seems to me that there is no leadership coming from Washington on this disaster,everyone in Washington from the President to the Congress are scared to rock BP Oil's boat.
So as an informed consumer I will not buy any BP product from this day forward.
Some of you may say,most BP gas stations are mom and pop operations and any boycott would hurt them more then BP.
My view is too bad!

The New War

Well if you thought for one second that one of President Obama's goals was to descalate the two wars our country is involved in,well I have some good news and some bad news.
The good news is the real reason has now been reveled for being in AFGHANISTAN,VAST RICHES OF MINERALS HAS BEEN FOUND IN THIS WAR TORN COUNTRY.
The bad news is we will now have our military in that country for years to come.
Nothing good for the Afghan will come of this discovery,every crook on this side of chilly Jordan will be in that country,this afternoon!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Getting Old

It's really hard for me sometimes,particularly when it comes to going to the doctor about ailments.
For the past three weeks my  right foot has been giving me problems and I just plain refuse to go to my doctor or even the ER to find out why it was hurting.
I knew in the back of my head I had a doctors appointment today so I just put my foot issue off until today.
When I went this morning for my yearly exam the doctor jumped on my case like white on rice for me putting my swoolen foot issues on hold for three weeks.
I pride myself on never missing a day of work unless I'm half dead,as a matter of fact I don't like missing work because I simply like what I'm doing most of the time and most of the people I deal with.
But the doctor busted my bubble today and put me on a medication called,Cephalexin and bed rest for five days.
Needless to say Bigmac is not a happy camper!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

BP Oil 10 People O

It seems to me that BP Oil has won the public relations battle with this oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico,I have been waiting folks for our President to grow a pair on this issue.
I don't think that is going to happen anytime soon,money talks bullshit eat oily shrimp!