Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Stigma of Being on the Dole

Since late 2007 there has been a wide increase in the number of people who are recieving some kind of public assistance.(food stamps,unemployment,welfare etc..).
A number of people who now recieve some kind of aid from the government find it hard for their self esteem to realize that they are now part of the welfare system.
Many try to separate themselves from people who have recieving benifits for longer periods of times,by saying they are different from those other people.
I can sometimes tell when the new breed of food stamp folk roll up to my favorite Wal-Mart.
They are usually dressed to the nines and are driving their BMW or Benz,with a look on their face hoping no one will see them that they know.
These are the same people a few years ago who were calling the layed off workers from the steel and textile mills welfare queens and cheats.


Val said...

Great topic, BigMac. I have noticed how the media differentiates the newly poor for just regular poor folks too.

The media always makes sure we know that the newly poor are just so embarrassed to have to receive benefits, as opposed to regular poor folks who just love being poor. WTF?!

A lot of this is racial too.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

No question Val race and class has it's head in the picture.
But the new poor are still being played like the old poor,by the old rich money!