Friday, September 23, 2011

And Now We Know Why!

I'm interrupting my story to post these thoughts about the killing of Troy Davis in Jackson,Georgia USA.
Now that the  protests are over and  the protesters of this legal murder  have gone home Troy Davis is still dead and the arcane death penalty is still alive and well,in the country that calls it self first world.
Most people in my community are so ignorant of what's occurring daily in the criminal justice system,that they didn't even know that this was going on in Georgia,seems the powers that be didn't give a hoot what Al Sharpton or many of the millions across this planet were saying about the injustice that was given to Troy Davis.
Who's next?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

By Any Means Necessary-Part 17!

On Christmas Eve everyone who profess to be a Christian or close to it,makes their way to Church,it didn't even matter that there was 12 inches of snow that had fallen on Crackling,N.C.,some said it was a hundred year snow storm,didn't matter the Missionary Baptist Church of Crackling was filled to the guild.
The   music from the choir permeated the church walls,"something got a hold of me "  the singing place a spell on the congregation,the spirit in the Church could not be control by any man God was in the house! 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

By Any Means Necessary! Part 16

Many years of hard drinking had begun to show in Sampson,the DT's had set in on him a few days after arriving home  from the hospital,he even ask Billy Bob the Fire and Rescue Chief during one of his visits to stop down at the "Dew Drop Inn" and bring him a little taste.
Even though Billy Bob loved Sampson like a brother,this was one request he just couldn't do,but he did call Dr.Roan and suggest that he prescribe a sedative for Sampson to get him through the DT'S.
Christmas was fast approaching and Minny and the kids were preparing the home for one of the best Christmas in a long time,Robert Lee had gone out into the back forty acres and found a tall pine for the family Christmas tree,it was a glorious one.
Robert Lee had manged in the few short weeks working at the market to save $30.00 which he had given to his mother to buy gifts for the younger children and his father.
On Christmas eve 1959 a rare snow descended on Crackling,N.C.,just like Robert Lee had dreamed and prayed for.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Part-15 By Any Means Necessary!

Two days after arriving home from the hospital Sampson laid motionless in his bed,with his life spared from a self-imposed death sentence many thoughts whizzed by in his mind.
One of the orders from Dr.Roan was a change in lifestyle,no more drinking and no more 35 years of age Sampson wasn't prepared to give those things up at this point.
For Sampson the alcohol was the engine  that eased his mind of any pain,Sampson started drinking out of control a long time before he went to war in Korea,drinking was a way for him to escape the realities of his life.
Many who knew Sampson didn't help by always explaining his behavior as a result of him being in the war.
But his wife and brother-in-law Rev.John knew the truth of his drinking problem,it was simple Sampson didn't know how to be a man.
Sampson's father had died when he was nine years old,he was killed in a industrial accident at the local feed mill where he toiled for ten hours a day,the same feed mill owned by Mayor Coop's family.
The truth of his fathers death was never officially told to the family,they were simply told there was a accident and he was dead.
The year of his death 1933 was a time in Crackling when the Coop family ruled the County with a iron fist and could get away with anything it saw fit.
Few of the other Colored workers at the Mill talked of Sampson Sr. death,many were afraid of losing their jobs if the truth of his death was revealed.
But there was one  Minny's father  who everybody called Bigdaddy simply because at 6'7 the name fit, quietly came to Sampson's momma one evening and told her the truth without fear or favor,that the grain elevator had exploded due to improper maintenance and Sampson Sr. had died while inside cleaning it.