Friday, September 23, 2011

And Now We Know Why!

I'm interrupting my story to post these thoughts about the killing of Troy Davis in Jackson,Georgia USA.
Now that the  protests are over and  the protesters of this legal murder  have gone home Troy Davis is still dead and the arcane death penalty is still alive and well,in the country that calls it self first world.
Most people in my community are so ignorant of what's occurring daily in the criminal justice system,that they didn't even know that this was going on in Georgia,seems the powers that be didn't give a hoot what Al Sharpton or many of the millions across this planet were saying about the injustice that was given to Troy Davis.
Who's next?


Anonymous said...

That is frightening to me Big Mac. People deciding who lives and who dies.

Daij said...

I ask my self that all the time. It's so scary to be in a position where you are falsely accused of a crime that requires capital punishment. Troy Davis's death left me numb. and angry. I'm going to have to stay away from Ga

Moanerplicity said...

If there's a HELL below, a whole LOT of people intimately involved in this grave & blatant injustice will be going straight there (w/ no detours). Trust.


Reggie said...

Anyone of us could be next Big Mac, any one of us.