Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sick and tired of being sick and tired!

Better Life whatEVER! All Purpose Cleaner, Clary Sage & Citrus 32 fl ozHow often have that statement come out of our mouths?
How often have we said that we will do something better or different?
But we end up doing the same doggone thing over and over again.
Is there anything in your life that need to be done differently?
If so share- you can share them here without feeling less then a person?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Giving Thanks Everyday

Unplugged: How to Disconnect from the Rat Race, Have an Existential Crisis, and Find Meaning and Fulfillment (Culture Tools)Now that the offical day of thanks has pass,most of you can go back to being the disconnect human being that you are.
I mean let's keep it real folks,we really do slack on letting people know how much we really care and love them.
How many of you have taken a older relative out to dinner or lunch lately?
How many of you call them on a regular cycle to just chit-chat?
Please don't just call me on those offical holidays,because they have been compromise .
Merry Christmas in advance!

Tiger Tiger Tiger

Callaway Men's Sport Era Golf Shoe,White/Red/Black,12 M USNow of all people I don't have any room in my life to speak on other folks drama!
But for gods sake  does the Tiger Wood household want the public to believe that story about what happen on thanksgiven day?

Friday, November 27, 2009

Bring The Troops Home Now ! No More Excuses

The American People: Creating a Nation and a Society, The, Volume I, Books a la Carte Plus MyHistoryLab (7th Edition) (v. 1)I voted for President Obama for a few reasons,one of the main reasons my vote went to him was because he was talking strong on ending these two unwinnable wars our country is involved in.
President Obama has disappointed me,next week he's about to committ another 30-40 thousand troops to this middle east and asian madness.
President Obama you can't pimp me any more,all I need to hear from you in your next news conference is the boys and girls are on the plane too home!

Poor as a Church Mouse but I got to make that sale

A Comparison Shopping Guide for 363 SalesHow many of you were up at midnight and roaring to be first in line for the day after thanksgiving sales?
For many that I know it wasn't even on their radar this year,many are trying to figure out how just to keep a roof over their heads.
My question this morning is are you headed out for after thanksgiving sales?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Didn't Wal Mart get the memo?It's Thanksgiving!

My God isn't anything respected for what it is anymore,I was watching the local news this morning and lord my shock meter went up.stores are open for business today!
Thanksgiving and Christmas were generally the two days most stores closed their doors for their employees to enjoy with their family and friends.
As a matter of fact I can remember not too long ago the only thing that was open on these two holidays was a gas station or two and 7-11!
And people wonder why we don't value anything anymore!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Do we value pets more then people?

It seems not a day goes by that there isn't a news story on our local news here in Pittsburgh involving a pet of some kind.
The story is most often a case of abuse of some kind,there is a lot of stories involving people housing 50 or more pets in a small building or house.
The laws in Pennsylvania on animal abuse sometimes seems to me to be over the top in fines and jail time.
That's not to say that I approve of abusing animals,I'm just asking is the life of a family pet more a valueable then a human?
I really want to hear from PETA folks and other animal lovers,for the record I don't own a pet and have no plans too.
I think some folks take pet ownership to  an extreme that make me question their sanity,or am I the one out of the loop on the true value of a pet?

Being Grateful Everyday

Well Thanksgiving Day is almost here and I'm seeing folks running mad to prepare for the day.
Don't get me wrong I'm not a hater for people who celebrate this day,but my question to everyone is why do most folks I know wait until this time of the year to be grateful?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Doing Your Best In Everything You Do!

Do we always do our best when we interact with another human being?The answer for me is no,so with this post I have revised my lifes mission goal.So let me state from the door its a goal,because there are some people out here in this old world who will try Jesus! So my fellow cyber friends do you always do your best?How do you deal with other people?What is your life mission?

It's time for me to do the dirty work

I have for years talked about what needs to be done to help folks who have less then me.I have screamed and holler the government needs to do this,the church needs to do that.But the only thing that was missing was me! So I have made a pledge to feed and clothed one homeless person a month,we all have walked past the person who asked for spare change and ignored them.But if not for the grace of god that could be you or me,the person will be anyone in need color, gender and all of those other ism won't matter,with your help we can help one person.If you would like to help you can donate right here on this site.Thanks in advance for helping me to do the dirty work.

Talking about stuff we don't talk about!

There are alot of things that go on in the Black culture in America that we don't talk about.One subject is child sexual abuse and incest,it happens more often then we openly discuss.Why did so many people get upset only about the 5 year old killed a few weeks ago in North Carolina?This happen everyday in Black America,the difference between the North Carolina case and what happens everyday is that the media got a hold of a story that was to their liking.(thats another post in its self)I want to know your thoughts.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

You got me going in circles

Yea the great debate on health care by congress has gotten me going in circles.God knows I don't understand why those folks in washington can't see and understand the pain and suffering people are experenicing out here in the heart of america.I'm not that stupid as to not know that money talks and poor people die!

Uncaging the rage

Have it really occured to you as to how much Black folk get high?It don't matter what drug of choice we use to get high with we take getting high to another level.I have conculded the reason for getting high for a lot of black people is not to relax from a hard days work,but because we have a lot of rage in us that hasn't been processed properly.Think about what I have said and let me know what you think.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Government Panel to women JUST DIE!

What nerve to tell women in this country not to get regular breast exams until you are of a certain age.What bold guts they have,in todays enviroment breast cancer and other cancers are running crazy in our society.If women aren't moblized by what this panel has said then they are in deep do-do.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Black Politics In America

I often read different points of views from people in the blogspots on the internet.
There seem to be an overall view that all politics for Black people is liberal and Democratic.
I beg to differ with that point of view simply because I look back over my life time for proof that liberal and democratic has been helpful to black people.
I believe that liberal and democratic has been more harmful then helpful,because the only thing I see we have gotten is a fish.
We(black folk) need to learn how to fish for ourselves.
We need to stop waiting on politicans to throw us some crumbs.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Checking Your Attitude and Altitude

I went to Church today folks,not because I felt any great urge from God to get myself into the pews.
A friends grandchild was being introduced to the church and she asked for us to attend and be there to support the effort.
I looked at it as a opportunity to maybe find that one church where I will connect here in Pittsburgh,Pa.
Sorry to report folks it didn't happen,that connection just wasn't there.
I'am beginning to wonder if the black church is losing its mojo,have my attitude flown so high that I'm missing the message or has the black church forgotten it's roots?

Friday, November 13, 2009

When they are gone

The older I get the more I understand how precious this life of mine is.
When I was in my 20's,30's and 40's I didn't think like I do now.
I was out of my mine,drinking and party time was 24-7.
Today a friend lost her son to a early death,it doesn't matter how but THE SAME THING COULD HAVE HAPPEN TO ME! I don't remember believing in god and life like I do now but he was there protecting me in all of my crazyness.I don't want you to think that I'm going to preach to you and tell you what to do with your life,but I hope you don't have to find out the hard way.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Well Muhammad is dead so I guess it's safe to leave home?

I have read a few comments this morning on the killing of John Allen Muhammad last night.Yea I know the media says he was legally excuted by the State of Virginia,but let's just keep it as ugly as it is killing in the good name of the people of the State of Virginia.I'm not going to sit here and cry for John Allen Muhammad because what he did was straightup wrong,wrong ,wrong.But I can't help but think man they didn't waste no time killing him,no twenty years of appeals,no interviews on 60 Min,or 20-20.Yea the folks in Richmond said this Negro has got to go, quick fast and in a hurry.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I think President Obama has it twisted about what should be on his plate of concern.Unemployment has hit 10.2% in this country so that means it must be 15% in the Black community.The bottom line for the average person in Detroit not to see freedom for the people of Afghanistan but to have a means of making money which means a job.President Obama needs to wakeup and not only smell the coffee but smell the stench of our dying cities.

Do White Folk Really Understand Me?

I'm not a hater of anyone because of the color of their skin,but lets keep it real folks,race is as American as apple pie.So lets talk about it,White's or shall I say most that I meet don't know how to chit chat with me.Unknowingly they deny my humanity,when the first thing out of their mouths to me is did or do I play basketball or football.Sometimes I Smile and say something to take them off guard because I know they don't know any better.Why can't a simple hello or how are you today be enough?Black men such as my self who has been blessed with height and size are not thought of as simply god fearing decent human being but as product.And just as unknowingly we buy into the sterotype.Ok so what are you folks feeling on this topic.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Congress's Game of Healthcare

Look folks healthcare is a serious issue for a lot of folks out here in middle America.Congress seems to not take the issue seriously simply because they have no up front personal experience to relate too.Along with the fact so many in Congress have been brought out by the healthcare industry lobbyists.The healthcare bill passed yesterday in congress will have to go through a conference committee before it see the light of day.So by the time it reachs President Obama's desk it will be so water down that it won't be any reform at all.Until we take the money out of politics in this country,anything that is good for "Joe and Jane Lunchbucket" pocketbook ain't gone to happen!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Spare me the tears of shock!

With all of the news media coverage of the murder and mayhem at Ft.Hood,Texas,what am I to think?Am I to get worked up and call for a midnight vigil for the murder and mayhem at Ft.Hood?I don't know what to do.If I promise to get worked up about the craziness at Ft.Hood will you join me in denouncing the daily maddness in Pittsburgh,Washington,DC?I'm sick of the media picking and choosing what lives I'm suppose to shed my tears for,I don't have too many left yall!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wakeup Everybody!

Harold Melvin and the Blue-notes said it best in their song from the 1970's,the songs talked about how everybody in the community needed to do their job and be responsible for your life and family.They sung in that song how teachers needed to teach and preachers needed to preach.It talked about fathers needing to be fathers and mothers being mothers.It also talked about being responsible to our community in general.Well most teachers don't teach in 2009 and lord knows our preachers are out to lunch.
Politically poor folks are dead meat,we don't even rate a beep on a politican blackberry.We get the government that we vote for,if we don't vote well we get again the government of somebody elses choosing.What happen to all of the motivated voters from one year ago in 2008?Where were you yesterday?Folks Obama can't do the things we need done in our communities alone,we need to extend a hand by voting for the people who will go to Washington and support the programs we need in the poor communities of this country.The bottom line for poor folk in this country is you will continue to catch hell and poverty until you get up and take charge of your community.
See the previous post for the song by Harold Melvin and the Blue notes.

YouTube - Wake Up Everybody---To Teddy

YouTube - Wake Up Everybody

Monday, November 2, 2009

The State of Black Church's,do we care?

So where is the Black Church in this economic downturn and recovery?What programs are in place to help Miss Minnie the 80 year old member who's been coming to the church since she was knee high to a frog? What is the church doing to help it's unemployed members find a job? Any job so at least some food can be put on the table and the rent is paid.Who in the church is up to speed on all of the government programs that are out here to help during this recovery period?I'm just asking folks,because from where I sit here on the porch ain't much happening help wise in most black churchs!But I do want to know what is being done with that money collected each sunday?Is that money being used to help the members who may need a box of grits to make breakfast?Is it being used to help someone keep their lights or gas on?What is that money collected on sunday morning being used for?Somebody tell me so I can sleep with both eyes shut!