Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wakeup Everybody!

Harold Melvin and the Blue-notes said it best in their song from the 1970's,the songs talked about how everybody in the community needed to do their job and be responsible for your life and family.They sung in that song how teachers needed to teach and preachers needed to preach.It talked about fathers needing to be fathers and mothers being mothers.It also talked about being responsible to our community in general.Well most teachers don't teach in 2009 and lord knows our preachers are out to lunch.
Politically poor folks are dead meat,we don't even rate a beep on a politican blackberry.We get the government that we vote for,if we don't vote well we get again the government of somebody elses choosing.What happen to all of the motivated voters from one year ago in 2008?Where were you yesterday?Folks Obama can't do the things we need done in our communities alone,we need to extend a hand by voting for the people who will go to Washington and support the programs we need in the poor communities of this country.The bottom line for poor folk in this country is you will continue to catch hell and poverty until you get up and take charge of your community.
See the previous post for the song by Harold Melvin and the Blue notes.

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