Thursday, November 24, 2011

By Any Means Necessary Part 21

Sampson was up at the crack of dawn to start his planting of tobacco,he had gotten the $2500.00 loan from the Crackling Saving and Loan.
As Sampson cranked up the 52 Chevy pickup a smile of gratitude came upon his face,for it was just a year ago he was two minutes from the grips of the grim reaper.
Robert Lee getting into the passenger seat of the the pickup brought Sampson back to the task at hand.
Sampson was determine from this point forward to be the MAN of the house again,never again was his motto.
As they pulled up to the Weed and Feed Hardware Store on Swamp ville Road,Robert Lee looked his father in the eye and told him"I love you Dad".
With that said Sampson knew the prayers from his brother-in-law Rev.John had brought Thanksgiving early for he had prayed for this day of redemption.
                                                                                        Big Mac

Everyday Is Thanksgiving!

Ok I won't disturb  the image you have of what "Thanksgiving" is for you,but let me share what it is for me.
I thank God for just waking me up this morning to see a day I'll never see again.
I thank God that I'm not the person I was yesterday,for I have grown another notch in navigating this thing we call life.
I thank God for surrounding me with people,places and things that help me to understand that my life is not about me.
For these things I say,thank you God,I hope everyone enjoy this day, grab the best from every person you encounter today.
                                                                    Big Mac

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Coffee Is Brewed,Don't You Smell It?

Well the Congressional Super Committee has just voted to do nothing  for the American people and economy.
Now you say Congressional Super Committee!Yep that's what 99% of working stiffs I know say, we have not a clue or inkling of the who,what and where of this committees functions.
Which brings me to talk about,the dumbing down of working class people in this country.
Why do working-class people go out on payday or whenever we  have a few extra dollars and spend it on things that project that  we are tee-totally together?
Why don't we see the importance of educating ourselves,so that we may properly educate our children to the realities of this global economy?
Why are we still allowing our children to become fart er for the Prison Industrial complex?
Why are we more comfortable with handed outs,then getting our here working another job to make ends meet.
We  all(young and old) should be preparing for our retirement years,today because of the non- work of the super congressional  committee has put the safety nets of social security and medicare in jeopardy.
Why are we still out here in 2011 having children we can't afford or know how to raise properly.
Well those are just a few things on my mind this morning,I think my coffee is ready.
                                                                             Big Mac

Monday, November 21, 2011

Three Reasons Why People Are Losing It

A) You leave your home in Utah,claiming you are the new Jesus Christ and travel to Washington,D.C. and shoot up the White House.
B) You have been a football coach at Penn State for over 50 years and allow a pedophile to remain on your staff  and cover up his crimes against children,in the name of saving the schools name.
C)You continue to believe your 401k is still a four!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lock Him Up and Throw Away the Key

I guess if you haven't heard about the former Penn State Football Coach by now I can assume you have been out of the country on your private island.
There was some anger when I heard and read about what this dirt bag did to those innocence children,who put what little trust they had in an adult.
Just  when you think it couldn't get any worse,this dirt bag was release from jail on a $100,000 UNSERCUED bond.
The coziness and hypocrisy of justice continues in this little conclave of  Pennsylvania,known to many as "Happy Valley",but happy for whom.
Not for the children sodomize by this bastard,I'm even more pissed off with people who went on a riotous adventure,when old ass Joe Paterno was fired as he should have been.
This travesty of justice is the very reason why I continue to believe that the criminal justice system is a joke and a game to keep poor people in their place!