Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Coffee Is Brewed,Don't You Smell It?

Well the Congressional Super Committee has just voted to do nothing  for the American people and economy.
Now you say Congressional Super Committee!Yep that's what 99% of working stiffs I know say, we have not a clue or inkling of the who,what and where of this committees functions.
Which brings me to talk about,the dumbing down of working class people in this country.
Why do working-class people go out on payday or whenever we  have a few extra dollars and spend it on things that project that  we are tee-totally together?
Why don't we see the importance of educating ourselves,so that we may properly educate our children to the realities of this global economy?
Why are we still allowing our children to become fart er for the Prison Industrial complex?
Why are we more comfortable with handed outs,then getting our here working another job to make ends meet.
We  all(young and old) should be preparing for our retirement years,today because of the non- work of the super congressional  committee has put the safety nets of social security and medicare in jeopardy.
Why are we still out here in 2011 having children we can't afford or know how to raise properly.
Well those are just a few things on my mind this morning,I think my coffee is ready.
                                                                             Big Mac


msladydeborah said...

The government seems to be inoperable at this point. I think that the people of this nation are going to have to start really acting out to get something accomplished on our behalf.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

The Wall Street protest seem to have an agenda that might work,my problem with them is it doesn't include folk like me,but I do embrace some of their tactics.
Maybe we can form our own movement,maybe the "Hood Movement"

Moanerplicity said...

Good questions w/ several complex answers/reasons. I think the simple answer is that we (the general/collective definition of WE) are Americans. We are conditioned by habit to be lazy-thinkers & we are often spoon-fed our low expectations.


BigmacInPittsburgh said...

You think folks would be a little more savey and thoughtful about things,with all of the technology and information at our fingertips?

Dirty Red said...

Well this whole "super" committee shit was one big-ass farce. The Republicans have said numerous times that their main objective is to get the scary Muslim, socialist, anti-Christ nig-Black guy out of the house that Whitey built...So this is no surprise to me. But as for your other questions?

Education man that is the only answer I can give you.. We need more education.

Moanerplicity said...

Maybe technology plays a part in making people less apt, less patient, more anxious, less willing to work, to research, or apply themselves as they once did. When things come TOO easy, then there's no need to work or strive to reach one's highest potential.

Just a thought.


BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Red,Moanerplicity:It's hard to get the thought through to most people the importance of education,the powerful media have most minds locked-up!

Reggie said...

Our congress is like a limp dick, good for nothing.