Saturday, March 19, 2011


Reading the title to this blog,might make you ask what the hell is going through this mans head this early in the morning.
Without any doubt I believe God is real,I just don't want God running certain things in my life, I just want God handling the big things  and leave the rest to me.
One of those things I can't seem to let go of  is giving other people the right to be!
One of the things about my personality is the inability at times to allow others to do their own thing.
That trait comes from my own experiences in life,not wanting to see others go down a path to nowhere or trouble.
Some how in today's culture many have been convinced that old folks experiences are not needed or welcome.
After reading another persons blog this morning who always seem to write about their church and activities,I began to question what Black person worships like this.
What happen to the Christianity  I enjoyed growing up?
You know the foot stomping spirit driving religion that made you feel like whatever it is on your plate of problems,there was a solution.
So many intelligent young Black folks have had their religion and spirits hijacked in my opinion.
Why are so many of our young dismissing the spirit of our ancestors for the spirit of the mega churchs and off beat paths of spirituality?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Good to be back

I have not written a blogspot for over three weeks and I still don't know what I'm going to say in this post.
But a few life changing situations have occurred with me and I still haven't fully digest them.
My father left his earthly life two weeks ago and it was a roller coaster ride for my family and me, it hasn't stop yet.
My father was the type of person who kept everything money wise close to the vest,so now my Mother and sibling are busy,trying to unravel everything financial involving him.
With me living in Pittsburgh and everyone else residing in the Washington,DC area it's a little difficult for me to do much on the phone.
But  what I have discovered about me during this period is an emotional side of me that is scary,scary because as a man I now realize how much I have bottled up or painted over emotionally over my life time.
I haven't completely figure out all of these emotional roller coasters of mine,but I'm ready for them.
I found myself crying on my way to work last week at 5am after putting in a CD of James Cleveland songs,he was one of gospel singers of my youth that I often heard around the house .
Good to be back and at least write something today!