Sunday, March 28, 2010

Follow The Money

Yea folks thats what we have to do if we want to know how any group or organization is funded.
We having been hearing from these groups calling themselves the teabaggers now for over a year,they claim to be every day people who are sick of the government in their lives.
They claim to be just Joe and Jane Lunchbucket,if thats the case, my question is just how in gods name are these people paying for the hotels and other expenses they inccur while protesting in washington on a  tuesday afternoon?
Look take it from someone who's lived and worked in the Metro DC area it's not a cheap place to live,play or work.
That question should be running thru everyones head?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

You got to like Mike,a true "house negro"

I mean come on Michael Steele,it's 2010 why do you still feel a need to jigg and cowtow and buck dance for the Republican party.
It's apparent to anyone with a half of a brain that they have no love for you or your approach to bring Black folks into the Republican camp.
It would be one thing if the true members of the Republican party were really seeking diversity,buts lets be real herethey are not in any shape or form.
To be honest in my opinion the Democratic Party fairs no better,because they have been pimping the Black Community for the past fifty years.
But because of the investment Black folk have in the Democratic Party we have a responsibility to make the party more responsive to our community.
The way we can start is electing officals who have the community interest at heart,if we had congress folk who were doing their  JOB,the Michael Steels of our community would be moot.

Waking Up To Republicans/Teabaggers

You may have fell for the excuses from Republicans about the behavior from their allies the teabaggers,but not I.
The Republicans in this country have made it clear to anyone with a brain that if a law or bill being consider by the Congress is deem to support or help poor or working class people it is oppose to it.
Folks don't believe the excuses of why they are opposing the health care reform for money reasons,because these people will spend a dollar quicker then you can blink your eye for a weapons program.
It's well past time that poor and working-class people in this country start to holler back,loud and clear what we want our people in Congress to  do!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Where do health reform go from here?

Ok a health care reform bill has pass the Congress,but do you know that many of the parts of this bill don't go into effect until years down the road?
What do you think of the politicans who opposed any kind of health care reform,but didn't give up their own Blue Cross policy?
I personally don't think they give a dam one way or the other if I or you die from a lack of health insurance.
Folks it's time to get up off of our collected butts and start our own dam tea party and begin to let these politicans know that they are in Washington to serve the regular folk,not the insurance companies.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

It's time Black America Fire the likes of Al Sharpton!

Let's not sugarcoat what I mean folks,just what in the world has Al Sharpton effectively done to improve anything in Black America?
I have listen to his radio program on XM channel 169 for over two years and all I have ever garner from his show is when the next meeting or convention is going to be!
When is Al Sharpton going to take some of that money he's collecting and build a school in the neighborhood?
When is he going to take some of that money and open a business and put some of the folk who are unemployed to work?
When is he going to take some of that money and start to build some housing for the homeless?
When Al,when are you going to really start to keep it real?

Health Care Reform? When Hell Freezes Over!

I can't help but be pessimistic about health care reform in this country,deep in my heart I feel the people who could make this happen don't care if people die for a lack of health care.
I'm really sick of all of these ads on TV telling folks to call this politican and that politican and tell them to vote no on health care reform.
Just who the hell are these people who are paying millions of dollars to advertise against health care reform?
Most of the people who grace the nightly news against health care reform don't seem to get the fact that we already have socialize medicine,with Medicare,Medicaid,VA health care what the hell is that if not government health care.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Will Ben Roethlisberger get treated like Mike Vick?

Easy question for me to answer,hell no it's already apparent from the way the media is handling the allegations of rape by the 20 year old student that the fix is in the works.
I hate to see anyone get caught up in the criminal justice system,but damn it's time for people to open up their eyes and understand that there are two justice systems in this country,one for poor and black folk and the other for the rich and famous white folk.
For all of you color blind folk out there go ahead and call me racist,but there are facts and then there is ignorance! The media here in Pittsburgh has really gone soft on this story,I believe they are afraid of telling the truth about Big Ben!I can't believe that you wouldn't begin to wonder if this guy has some sexual addiction that needs to be address quick fast and in a hurry.Maybe Tiger Woods could hook Ben up with a treatment plan?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ok when is enough,enough?

When did it become fashioniable to wear tight clothing to get attention from the opposite sex in black america? I mean it is getting to the point where a woman doesn't leave anything to the imagination anymore,most women I see here in Pittsburgh find a need to to wear tight fitting clothes to show off what god has given them.Is the thinking among women today  that  if they  display their natural   physical gifts the prince in shining armor  will appear? Well Im afraid thats why we have so many single family homes in our community today.