Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ok when is enough,enough?

When did it become fashioniable to wear tight clothing to get attention from the opposite sex in black america? I mean it is getting to the point where a woman doesn't leave anything to the imagination anymore,most women I see here in Pittsburgh find a need to to wear tight fitting clothes to show off what god has given them.Is the thinking among women today  that  if they  display their natural   physical gifts the prince in shining armor  will appear? Well Im afraid thats why we have so many single family homes in our community today.


Sista GP said...

I concur and a man having a nice body gets boring when you can't have intelligent conversations.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

You hit the nail with the hammer SistaGP.Thanks for stopping by my spot.

Reggie said...

I wouldn't complain about it if it were only the women with what I consider to be sexy bodies doing it.........but it's not.

On any given day you can see more rolls than Wonder Bread; and Big Mac I live in South Carolina....where it's warm. Most days you'll see every nook and cranny, even the ones they don't see. It's a goddamned shame.....Halle yes, Gabby no.