Tuesday, May 7, 2013

By Any Means Nesssary Part 24

Minny was up at the crack of dawn,as the old folk use to say before God turned on the lights.The Smell of smoked country ham smoldered the house,the children were awaken naturally,Sampson set along silently in the bed praying and thanking God for his blessing.

By Any Means Necsessary Part 23

Life in Crackling,NC hadn't changed that much since MLK and since the Civil Rights Moment had struck,truth be told most Black folk were cool without him,white folk control the the town and if you were trying to go along then you had no problem.But with remembering himself being close to death Sampson refuse to accept things as they use to be,he remembered the bullet wounds from the war,he remembered the drugs and alcohol,he  couldn't forget the sadness of not being the father that he is now.