Sunday, January 23, 2011

Some of My People Have Lost Their Mind!

In a continuation of my post below,a 38 year old mother was arrested today for putting her 12 year old child out of the house at 2:30 am  without shoes or a coat.
Folks it was 4 degrees at that hour.
My take,where is the boys father?
Maybe if both parents were doing what they were suppose to be doing this wouldn't have happen.
It was reported by the arresting officer that the mother reeked with alcohol,ok folks I have had my share of alcohol in my life and I know it can make you do some stupid things.
It's funny how alcohol and drugs of all variety seem to be so conveniently located near our neighborhoods.
Hell we can't get the powers to be to build a dam full service supermarket in our neighborhoods,but they dam sure will put a state of the art State run liquor state right in the middle of the hood.
But do you see anyone out here saying no,no to the liquor store?
And at the same time the white boys in the suburbs will bring their drugs to Skippy and Ray-Ray to sell and no one will say a word about where they got the drugs from when the police come to take them to jail!
Do anyone see the the trick being played?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

So Tell Me Again Why I Don't Like Me

I can't help but let that thought resonate in my mind,particularly after getting the recap of news in Pittsburgh this weekend.
I don't care if it's two feet of snow and ice outside here in the burgh or the sun shining it's butt off,Black people become victims of  violent death.
Look I know people are hurting in all manners,from  being unemployed to being burden with all kinds of addictions.
But lord the killing has  got to stop,the madness that is running through some of our neighborhoods and communities has got to be cleansed.
We now have young people who have no sense of understanding of what being responsible is,it's now the norm for a young woman to be a mother at 14,15 years of age and no one is upset.
We don't seem to have a sense of caring about members of our families anymore,the standard answer today is "whatever".
Men are afraid to be men,so in turn the whole structure of family goes out the window.
So in turn we are now producing little killing machines,with no thought of consciousness.
So just what has cause so many Black folk to hate themselves to the point where killing is normal?
It's time for all of us who have not lost our minds to get up off of our behinds and do something!
If it ain't nothing but going out your front door and cleaning up the trash that litters too many of our streets and saying hello to your neighbor next door.
Just because "Skippy and Ray Ray haven't invaded your street or neighborhood doesn't mean they won't!
If we are sitting around waiting for the establishment to correct the problems of our families we will be waiting until Hell freezes over.
Society doesn't give a damn about what happens to Black people,I'll let that sink in for a second.
I don't care what your economic status is all Black people are in the same boat in this country.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Dr.Phil,Ted Williams,Alcohol And Drugs,Not Necessary In That Order

Man it's been some kind of week for Ted Williams the brother with the "golden voice" found panhandling in Columbus,Ohio a few short weeks ago.
Like many around the country and world I was hoping and wishing the best for this brother,and I'm still hoping and wishing the best.
But after watching him for three days this week on The Dr.Phil Show(Which I don't normally watch) I have conclude that before this brother go back out into the working world,he must get some type of help for the issues that plague his life.
Yes all of us have issues that plague our lives but not many of us get a chance like Ted Williams has to get help.
Alcohol and drugs has affected Ted Williams to the point that this brother don't know which way is up.
Turns out  he hasn't been clean and free from alcohol and drugs as it was first reported by him,despite his deception Dr.Phil and others,including me and others I know  still support the ideal of giving him a second,third and fourth chance.
Alcohol and drugs are a monster in my community,that monster has affected me personally and I know you just don't stop and quit without a lot of help,spiritually,mentally and medically.
When I first saw this story  and viewed the video over at another  blogsite(My Brown Eye View),I instinctively  knew the whole truth wasn't being told.
I try not to be judge,jury and hangman in my assessment of people today and it's hard  sometimes,because when it walks like a duck,talks like a duck,nine times out of ten it's a duck.
Like so many families(mine included) alcohol and drugs has created such dysfunctionality that only God can navigate any kind of solution.
Not even Dr.Phil with all his education and resources can  get Ted Williams  and his family better.
Ted Williams and his family has to REALLY WANT to get the life that God intended for each and everyone of us.
Dr.Phil can only take them to the water,he can't make them drink it!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Shattered Dreams,Or Do They Dream At All?

As quiet as it is kept there is a self-destruction going on in the Black community that doesn't seem to be on any-one's radar,Black Teen Pregnancies.
The folks who are leaders in our community don't really lead,they are there for one purpose it seems to me,and that is simply to keep the community ignorant of the real issues facing our community.
Teen pregnancies perpetuates a lifetime of poverty for most teens who become mothers and fathers.
Stats that I have seen clearly show that a large percentage of people receiving cash assistance from welfare in most urban centers in this country are teen mothers.
Most  produce the bulk of males incarcerated in jails and prisons in this country,and children in the foster care system.
We can't continue to blame white folks for the problem of babies having babies and the problems that come with that situation.
It's time for the leaders in our community to grow a pair and  speak the truth about what is truly happening to our children and community.
That means all you preachers,teachers,politicans and everyday folk,need to start speaking truth and stop turning a blind eye to our children.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

What's really "Manning Up"?

At this time of the year the reason for the season dictates that I address issues that have been on my mind.
One issue that resonates with me is the often heard phrase "Manning Up".
What Manning Up means to me is deeper then standing up with my chest poke out looking like Superman.
It means first doing a cleansing of me,cleaning up my acts in all  departments of my life.
That means I can't continue to lie to myself about anything that confronts my life,it means sharing the secrets of living as a true Black Man in America.
Manning Up means not being afraid of the truth and not being a conduit for a lie!
I engage often during the work day with too many Black Men who think that it's  the BMW and other stuff of this society that makes them whole.
People we need to wakeup,our culture is in a tail spin,many young and old alike have not a clue as to who they really are.
Where we start is with self,are you ready to man up?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Resolutions,challenges and doing the right things.

Tradition has it in some communities that we make resolutions in the New Year to do the things we know deep in our own hearts that we need to do.
So just what is missing in our lives that we don't do the things we should do?
Have we gotten so lazy as a society of folks that doing the right things is not important or on our radars?
I find so many people today who have an excuse for everything that goes wrong in their lives.
For many they want to lay blame for the mishaps in their lives on other people,places or things.
My resolution and challenge for 2011 is take total responsibility for my life and the results I produce.
Happy New Year All!