Saturday, January 8, 2011

Shattered Dreams,Or Do They Dream At All?

As quiet as it is kept there is a self-destruction going on in the Black community that doesn't seem to be on any-one's radar,Black Teen Pregnancies.
The folks who are leaders in our community don't really lead,they are there for one purpose it seems to me,and that is simply to keep the community ignorant of the real issues facing our community.
Teen pregnancies perpetuates a lifetime of poverty for most teens who become mothers and fathers.
Stats that I have seen clearly show that a large percentage of people receiving cash assistance from welfare in most urban centers in this country are teen mothers.
Most  produce the bulk of males incarcerated in jails and prisons in this country,and children in the foster care system.
We can't continue to blame white folks for the problem of babies having babies and the problems that come with that situation.
It's time for the leaders in our community to grow a pair and  speak the truth about what is truly happening to our children and community.
That means all you preachers,teachers,politicans and everyday folk,need to start speaking truth and stop turning a blind eye to our children.

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Moanerplicity said...

I don't think it's really a question of color, my Brotha. That's only what some sources w/in the media want us to buy into. Many people still feel & believe that the majority of those caught in the machinery of this country's welfare system are Af-Ams, & that too is a fallacy. Look it up!

The problem w/ teen pregnancy is multi-layered, & it stems from a lack information & proper resourcing regarding opportunities for young people... The sad reality of still-born dreams & a lack of desire to plan for a better furture, a lack of role models who give them options in which they can aspire, a lack of birth control in the right hands, a lack of solid parenting, & parents who actually GIVE A DAMN about their kids, a loneliness in some young people who feel a new baby will magically dissolve the problems they may be experiencing. None of these are issues are necessarily racial, but more about the class/social structure within this country.