Sunday, January 2, 2011

What's really "Manning Up"?

At this time of the year the reason for the season dictates that I address issues that have been on my mind.
One issue that resonates with me is the often heard phrase "Manning Up".
What Manning Up means to me is deeper then standing up with my chest poke out looking like Superman.
It means first doing a cleansing of me,cleaning up my acts in all  departments of my life.
That means I can't continue to lie to myself about anything that confronts my life,it means sharing the secrets of living as a true Black Man in America.
Manning Up means not being afraid of the truth and not being a conduit for a lie!
I engage often during the work day with too many Black Men who think that it's  the BMW and other stuff of this society that makes them whole.
People we need to wakeup,our culture is in a tail spin,many young and old alike have not a clue as to who they really are.
Where we start is with self,are you ready to man up?


Moanerplicity said...

It's interesting how you've defined the term for YOU & what it means in Mac's world. I think that's a healthy & honest way to approach the term & applying it in daily living.

I try not to make the term too gender specific. To man up for me simply means: courage up, step up, to lead w/ one's heart, one's actions, & not just one's words.

So I think, in this society, a whole lotta 'Manning Up' is due!

Happy New Year, Mac!



Anonymous said...

Big Mac,
I totally agree with Moanerplicity. In short, it boils down to, "Walking the walk, not just talking the talk". Because, We all need to man or woman up in order to be a better person. We have to learn to DO BETTER, to GET BETTER, to BE BETTER.

Anonymous said...

Hey BigMac! Happy New Year! It's time for us all to "Man Up". We need to take good hard looks at ourselves, and not be afraid to call our issues out. That's the only way that we can make assessments and change what needs to be changed.