Sunday, October 31, 2010

When Does Your Life Become Important

Is it when we become seriously ill with some disease that John Hopkins can't cure?
Is it when a love one or family member we adored has passed this life?
I find myself at 58 years old still smoking cigarettes,I know intellecually that they bring no good to my life.
I could blame the manufactures of cigarettes for my situation and in a big way they are for the lies they have told me and the millions of people that are hooked on cigarettes.
But at this point in my life I KNOW that in order for me to rid my self of this addiction I'll NEED  the courage to put on my big boy pants and face the music of withdrawal.
For the past month or so just to see the economic side of this habit for every pack of cigarettes that we normally purchase we put it in a saving account.
The amount of money was mind blowing lets just  say you could pay a small mortgage with it.
With my recent birthdate I made a pledge to start doing the right things for my life and others in it and smoking has now moved to the top of the list of things to get rid of!
Smoking is truely a nasty and dirty way of life and to tell the truth I can't stand my own dam self sometimes with this habit.


Daij said...

I can relate. It's easy to say, but hard to do. I've trying to lose weight for years. I'm pre-diabetic, and the dr keeps saying it would be better if I lost about 30 lbs. But I can't stay from my scones or donuts! I get smart and give them up for a 24 hour period, knowing that a reduction of 100 calories from your average meal a day over a month could be a loss of a pound a month, but I can't seem to do it.

I've actually been thinking about hypnosis! It doesn't help that I'm a certified baker, as a hobby, and I bake cakes on the side!

Have a good day

Moanerplicity said...

Everyone I know has a vice. We happen to share this one. Over the past year cigs have reached astronomical heights (EIGHT DOLLAS a pack in my ville & TEN DOLLAS in the city!!!) & b/c of this utter ridiculousness, & personal health concerns, my nicotine intake has decreased drastically.

Down to two packs a week now. Baby steps, I know.

I hope YOU can find that inner strength to 'put on those big boy pants' & defeat the habit, my brotha.

Smoking sucks! Pass the ashtray!


BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Daij:Just like Lin says in his comment above everyone has a vice that kicking their consciousness,whatever it takes I'll try it(as long as its safe) to rid myself of this habit.
Lin:As usually you are straight to the point and timely!

RealityZone said...

I will be 60 y/o next year.
Been smoking a pack a day.
Now I am down to about 12 cigs a day. Started rolling my own using [American Spirit tobacco] cut down on the cost considerably.
The machine cost 45$, tobacco 24$ a can makes about one carton, tubes 3$.
But the health and smell issue is still there.
My wife quit after going to a 3 day retreat.
It is all a mind and chemical dependency game. Mind over matter.
Could I go cold turkey? Scary.LOL
I dropped the alcohol 8 years ago. So I guess i should be able to drop the tobacco.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Reality Zone:Thanks for stopping by,I share your disgust with the human and economic cost we smokers pay for our habit.
I won't make any excuses for my habit I just wish I could stop yesterday!
Keep up the good work on your blogspot.

Thrasher said...

Big Mac,

We need you on this planet so much is at stake....Stay alive and I will be voting with you as well on Nov.2nd ..

CareyCarey said...

Well my big mac attack, it's time to get my preach on. :-)

"Is it when we become seriously ill with some disease that John Hopkins can't cure?
Is it when a love one or family member we adored has passed this life?"

I believe you know the answer and you said it in a comment at my spot. You said, most humans do not make real changes in their lives until their backs are against the wall. Well, I agree, and I know that to be true. Now if that is the truth, what's the damn problem? The 2 biggest problems are lack of knowledge and withdrawal. But first, if a person does not believe they have a serious problem, then obviously they will not make serious, hard core changes.

When I talk about lack of knowledge, I'm talking about what it's really going to take to kick a habit such as cigarettes.

As you know, I am from the straight with no chaser school. Cutting back seldom, if ever works. It just doesn't work. In regards to cigarettes, that's like saying give me that small boy of cancer, I'm off the 40oz. And, we are only prolonging the inevitable. I tell my clients that kicking a habit and going through withdrawal ain't no game for punks. And if they're a part-time man, or a sissy to pain, they should just leave and go out and get their thang on. Smoke, tot, drink,eat, shot, or whatever, but they are wasting my time and theirs if they don't think they are killing themselves to the degree that they need to fight back, just as they would if a man was holding a knife at the throats of their children or wife.

Really, that journey(habits/addiction/withdrawals) is for the strongest of strong men. And, if a man does not fight back, they are in essence holding that knife at the throats of their family, because when they die, their family will suffer.

A person either does the damn thang and STOPS (completely) or he or she is simply finger fking themselves... waiting for another day that seldom comes. What's going to be different next week or next month? Not a damn thing. In fact, it's going to be harder, later.

But then, withdrawal awaits... OH LORD! But here's the good news. It does not last forever! It takes longer than most people understand, but a person has to go THROUGH. Only the strong survive. There's no short cut. Withdrawal is a Bi*CH!

And, all of that nicotine patch sh*t, and mood altering, stop smoking drug therapy, is just another pimp game. That BS is akin to a quick fix diet plan.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Thrasher:Thanks for saying what you said,maybe all of us need to remind each other how important we are!
Carey:Why you got to get up all early in the morning with the truth,whole truth and nothing but the truth,why you got to come on my spot throwing my own words smack in my dam face?
That's why I love you my brother.

CareyCarey said...

*LOL*... well my man, to answer your questions, that's what we do.

I mean, I was up late doing what I do, when I noticed your question. So, since you asked "is it when", I had to ablige.

"Carey,why you got to come on my spot throwing my own words smack in my dam face?"

You know the line... be careful what you ask for *smile*.

And you know what, Moan/Lin wrote a similar post, which has inspired me (yours & his)to write one of mine own.

Actually I could have copied and pasted my comment to him, for this one. They both were basically talking about making major changes in our lives, and when will we know it's time to do so.

Now, put down those funky squares, jackup yo slacks, and do the damn thang. I don't want to hear no mo' crying. Show the whole world that The Big Mac Attack ain't no joke.

When you come back, I want to hear you singing satisfied. Satisfied that you are enjoying life without cigarettes. I know you can do it.

I know you don't want me to come back here with my "A" game?

Reggie said...

My parents smoked like industry. My brother and my sister both smoke. My father had cancer so severe that it almost killed him. The doctors cut as much of it out of him as they could and still leave him alive. My mother had lung cancer surgery. She lost a third of her lung; and yet if you went to her home today, it would smell like cigarette smoke because she refuses to quit.

I have never smoked.....won't ever smoke. I hate the habit. It's digusting to me and the thought of cigarettes turns my stomach.

Like Daij, I'm a pre-diabetic. I got that from my father's side of the family. Diabetes killed my father and his mother.

I try to eat right and get plenty of exercise. I walked seven miles today and I walk at least some every day I'm not at work. I'll even walk up to five miles the days that I do work.

Life is difficult at best and time is the fire that we all burn in. Something is forever hunting us, stalking us in our sleep. The way I see it, I'd rather not point it in my direction.

CareyCarey said...

Well Mac, I did it. I used you and moan in my last post. If you look there, you'll find it fair... I think.

Reggie, you are a fortunate man. If you don't mind, do you drink and how much do you weigh?

I'm going to make an assumption... your wife does not smoke either? My wife never smoked. I could never kiss a woman that smoked cigarettes. A few joints, but never cigarettes.

I am going to add your comment to my last post, as an addendum.

Anonymous said...

Big Mac,
I'm fighting your same battle, and realize, that with
Any vice, it's about, owning it, committing to letting it go, & going through with the process.

Owning it,is fairly easy(deciding it's time.)
Committing to letting it go, gets a little harder,( taking that first step by throwing that pack away on the spot.)
Going through the process, is the hardest part,(letting go of the mental and physical dependency) calls for having enough courage, will power and faith to get through the withdrawal and beat the habit. Hard but not out of reach.
The way I look at it, other folks have conquered it, we can. We just have to, stop playing with it, talking about it, walk the walk, take the plunge and "Do the damn Thing". It's time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CareyCarey said...

Okay Lil Bit, I'm going to borrow a line from Barry White... PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH.

The next time you come back, I want to hear that you've done the damn thang.

I don't want to hear Billy Preston's song.... "Sally go round in circles, Sally fly high like a bird up in the sky" *smile*

Pass it down. Your grandchildren are watching. And, what are they going to do when granny can't make no mo of that homemade gumbo or beans and rice?

Anonymous said...

Hello Big Mac!
You are exactly where you are meant to be.
You will quit when you are ready.
Your friends support you.
Me too.