Sunday, October 31, 2010

When Does Your Life Become Important

Is it when we become seriously ill with some disease that John Hopkins can't cure?
Is it when a love one or family member we adored has passed this life?
I find myself at 58 years old still smoking cigarettes,I know intellecually that they bring no good to my life.
I could blame the manufactures of cigarettes for my situation and in a big way they are for the lies they have told me and the millions of people that are hooked on cigarettes.
But at this point in my life I KNOW that in order for me to rid my self of this addiction I'll NEED  the courage to put on my big boy pants and face the music of withdrawal.
For the past month or so just to see the economic side of this habit for every pack of cigarettes that we normally purchase we put it in a saving account.
The amount of money was mind blowing lets just  say you could pay a small mortgage with it.
With my recent birthdate I made a pledge to start doing the right things for my life and others in it and smoking has now moved to the top of the list of things to get rid of!
Smoking is truely a nasty and dirty way of life and to tell the truth I can't stand my own dam self sometimes with this habit.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Why is it hard for some folk to ask for help?

I guess I should know the answer to my own question,because I'm still  reluctant to ask for help in so many areas of my own life.
I guess the question comes to mind for me from observing others throughout the day who do just that,refuse to ask for directions or for help.
Funny thing is most of these situations are not life threatening situations,but for many of us it's a matter of not wanting to be seen as weak or dumb.
I even think that some of us have degrees of not asking for help,I for one notice this character trait more simple because I need to work on my own.
I think if I spent more time focus on my own shortcoming,I wouldn't have time to see yours.
Funny isn't that the things that tick us off about others is some how connected to our own little lives!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

So Just How Do You Celebrate

Well it's my birthdate folks and I don't want no party or pats on the back,I won't even take a toast for living on this earth for now 58 years.
I owe my being here on this earth to the god I believe in today,don't think for one second that I always believe that statement.
There was a time when the rule of the day was a shot of rum and coke and a tote on a self-rolled cigarette was the way to celebrate my birth date.
I believe that my god has put me right where he needs me,I would like to say that I have completly surrendered my will to god's will,but that would be a bald-face lie.
I struggle with surrending my will,simply because I want to still be in-charge of my life.
Intellectually I know I don't run my life,I just mess up my purpose of life by simply refusing to turn my life over to god's will.
So today I make a  pledge to fight the temptation to run my life and let gods will be done.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Stop having babies you can't afford!

As I look around my community I see so many babies being raised by babies,or shall I say being carried around by babies.
Because from where I sit these babies are not being raised at all,they are just existing and some of them are not even getting the basics to sustain themselves in this difficult and changing world.
I want to scream sometimes when I see parents or a parent degrading a child for being a child,I want to scream when I see a parent or parents feeding their child junk food from a fast food outlet.
I see parents who will come into the store and buy things for themselves but tell the child with them that they can't afford to get them a loli-pop,what's up with that type of selfiness?
Just because you can have a baby don't mean you should have one,a lot of young people today would do well to either not engage in the act where they may have a child or would do well to practice birth control.
Many people who look like me have not a clue as to how the world inwhich they live in really operates.
Many depend on the media in all of it's forms to depict a life style and image for themselves.
I work with people who would prefer to remain on government assistance then to fend for themselves,simply because that's all they understand and it's easier.
I don't understand the men in my community today,many have sadly laid down the armor that their god have given them to be the protectors of their communities.
Many of the men in my community would prefer  image over substance today,because it's easier,leadership comes with a heavy toll.
Not many in my community are prepared or willing to do what I call the dirty work of this life,that being tolling and working to support the children we have brought into this world.
Many have just rolled over and have  accepted what the TV or other forms of media has said is how you are suppose to act and carry your self in this world.
When I see parents or a parent more concern about the car they drive or the clothes they wear then the welfare of their child I cringe and want to scream!
If I could make a law right today in this country,the law would make it so hard for you to have a baby,abortion would be the rule of law if you had no understanding of parenthood.
Before you could become a parent you would be required to attend parenting classes and fully grasp the reality of parenting.
Now many would ask me have I lost grip of reality by saying the things above?
No,but have anyone else a answer for the problem of babies having babies in my community?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Check out this site

Should Some People Be Locked Up Forever?

Lets be honest in our community(Black Community) we allow people who are criminals to run freely,we know Pookey and Ray-Ray are breaking into people homes and stealing and robbing,but we still put up with their behavior!
Some of my Blogger friends will quickley dismiss my thoughts on this subject as brainwashing by the mainstream media.
But I will insist the brainwashing is a belief that we shouldn't tell on them,well let me be frank I work too hard  for my money and stuff for some lowlife( and thats what you are if you steal from a neighbor) to break-in my place while I'm busting my behind for minimum wages.
A few days ago a neighborhood kid  and his little gang of misfits finally got busted bigtime for some type of criminal activity.
Because I don't know what they were finally hauled off to the pokey for I won't say,but I do know that these little lowlifes have broken into other homes in the neighborhood and gotten away with it simple because no one would speak up and tell what they know.
If anything good has come out of them being behind bars is we can now go to work knowing five no good punks are where they belong!