Thursday, October 21, 2010

So Just How Do You Celebrate

Well it's my birthdate folks and I don't want no party or pats on the back,I won't even take a toast for living on this earth for now 58 years.
I owe my being here on this earth to the god I believe in today,don't think for one second that I always believe that statement.
There was a time when the rule of the day was a shot of rum and coke and a tote on a self-rolled cigarette was the way to celebrate my birth date.
I believe that my god has put me right where he needs me,I would like to say that I have completly surrendered my will to god's will,but that would be a bald-face lie.
I struggle with surrending my will,simply because I want to still be in-charge of my life.
Intellectually I know I don't run my life,I just mess up my purpose of life by simply refusing to turn my life over to god's will.
So today I make a  pledge to fight the temptation to run my life and let gods will be done.


msladydeborah said...

Happy Birthday!

When we mature, marking the anniversary of our birth is often a time of reflection. You have to reach a certain set of milestones to to appreciate the fact that in spite of all that has gone down, it didn't kill you and you survived.

I am about to celebrate my birthday in about three weeks by God's grace. I am just thankful to be of sound body and mind. Because there are a whole lot of folks who do not have this form of luxury these days.

Moanerplicity said...

To allow God's Grace to enter our lives is the best that any of us can do or hope for, Mac. When we are cogent enough to resist temptation, & when we try our best to be a reflection of The Creator in all we do, then we are as he wants us to be: works in progress, attempting to live a more spiritually-enhanced existence.

Happy Natal Day, bruh!

I hope it's a Blessed and memorable one, no matter how you choose to celebrate it.

Snatch JOY!



Val said...

Happy Birthday big bro BigMac!

And don't forget to remember your mom on this day, she's the one that did the hard work! :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy 58th Birthday BIGMAC,

As we get older, our birthdays do become a time to reflect, and as we mature & grow, by the Grace of God, we began to understand, truly who & where we are and once we began to have faith in God, we are able to begin the process of overcoming our own issues.
Each year, we are able to wake up, be of sound mind & body,& see some growth mentallty & spiritually is a blessing. That's the real celebration. "Growth".
Have you have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CareyCarey said...

Well well well my young whipper snapper, it sounds like you've been somewhere.

Of course you know my history, so I am feeling this post. On that note, I think it's safe to say we all have habits and/or have had habits of one kind or another.

However, as mslady said, maturity and a faith in a God, usually moves us to a different place.

Unfortunately, that different place, a positive turn-around, does not happen for the overwhelming majority. It just does not nappen by osmosis. I personally believe that change can not happen until a person does find a belief in God ( and walks the talk) and accepts the fact that they do have a problem that is reeking havoc for them and their loved ones.

Yep, you have something to be happy about on your 58 birthday. Most black americans do not make it this far with a peaceful sound mind.


BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Thanks to everyone for the thoughtful and kind words.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday BigMac! Doggone it, I missed it by a day.
As for surrendering to God's Will, it becomes easier as you trust Him on that one issue, and He comes through for you. And you see that it worked out pretty good, better than you expected.

Then you decide to trust him one more time for another issue....

I'm about 8 weeks from turning the big five oh and am feeling many different emotions about it.

Blessings Big Brother.
Anna Renee

Daij said...

happy birthday!

Reggie said...

I certainly hope that you had a very happy birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated Birthday Big Mac!!! You make me smile. I find grace and honesty in your posts and I celebrate you and your ability to share. Thank you friend.