Sunday, October 17, 2010

Stop having babies you can't afford!

As I look around my community I see so many babies being raised by babies,or shall I say being carried around by babies.
Because from where I sit these babies are not being raised at all,they are just existing and some of them are not even getting the basics to sustain themselves in this difficult and changing world.
I want to scream sometimes when I see parents or a parent degrading a child for being a child,I want to scream when I see a parent or parents feeding their child junk food from a fast food outlet.
I see parents who will come into the store and buy things for themselves but tell the child with them that they can't afford to get them a loli-pop,what's up with that type of selfiness?
Just because you can have a baby don't mean you should have one,a lot of young people today would do well to either not engage in the act where they may have a child or would do well to practice birth control.
Many people who look like me have not a clue as to how the world inwhich they live in really operates.
Many depend on the media in all of it's forms to depict a life style and image for themselves.
I work with people who would prefer to remain on government assistance then to fend for themselves,simply because that's all they understand and it's easier.
I don't understand the men in my community today,many have sadly laid down the armor that their god have given them to be the protectors of their communities.
Many of the men in my community would prefer  image over substance today,because it's easier,leadership comes with a heavy toll.
Not many in my community are prepared or willing to do what I call the dirty work of this life,that being tolling and working to support the children we have brought into this world.
Many have just rolled over and have  accepted what the TV or other forms of media has said is how you are suppose to act and carry your self in this world.
When I see parents or a parent more concern about the car they drive or the clothes they wear then the welfare of their child I cringe and want to scream!
If I could make a law right today in this country,the law would make it so hard for you to have a baby,abortion would be the rule of law if you had no understanding of parenthood.
Before you could become a parent you would be required to attend parenting classes and fully grasp the reality of parenting.
Now many would ask me have I lost grip of reality by saying the things above?
No,but have anyone else a answer for the problem of babies having babies in my community?


msladydeborah said...

Let the sane folks of the world say, Amen!

It is a major problem that needs to addressed. I work with children from the type of families that you describe. The problems are numerous and a lot of them center around the fact that mommy and daddy are just barely eighteen. Or they started parenting early and have many little fols to care for.

This is one social problem that our community needs to confront and find working solutions. I'm sick of the whole cycle of children birthing and raising children.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Thanks Ladydeb for gracing this page this morning,I'm afraid not enough folk in our community and society as a whole realize the cost we all pay for the issue before us.
It's sorted like out of site out of mind for many in this society.
But sooner more then later we all will pay for ignoring the 800 pound gorilla in the room!

Val said...

"Many have just rolled over and have accepted what the TV or other forms of media has said is how you are suppose to act and carry your self in this world."

That is so true, BigMac. The media and especially TV are great brainwashing tools. And a lot of us have been brainwashed.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Val we watch TV and listen to anything that come over the airwaves without thinking and seeing with what I call a third eye and a third ear.

Beauty and Health Editor said...

Well, that is why people need to stop spending all their time in front of TV and read more, spend more quality time with their children etc.

Personally, I don't think forcing a person to have an abortion is the answer to the problem, sorry. How about having better values to stay in a secure relationship and get married before having a baby?

I think good family values and raising up the youth to be responsible adults with good role models is what is needed. Men staying in families and helping to raise the children they have helped to bring into the world instead of laying about all over the place and jumping from woman to woman. Also, women taking more responsibility and choosing their men more carefully, instead of going off with the first man who shows us some attention etc.

Also, when the children are taught sex education so early in childhood at school, it isn't surprising that they want to try it out as soon as possible, so it then makes sense that teenagers are having babies before they are fully grown-up themselves.

In the western society, everywhere you turn there is sex advertised in one form or the other, the children are bombarded with it.

Also, values have changed drastically over he years. In the UK, once you are 17 you can apply for your own flat, when I was at secondary school, girls were getting pregnant so that they could get a flat or house. The Government gives you everything free from then on. So where is the incentive to continue studying and wait, when you can get everything paid for by the Government free of charge?

Anonymous said...

Bigmac & msladydeborah, you both hit the nail on the head. Our youth are so misguided, because the parents don't understand, their role as parents ,being a parent is a full-time job, you can't call off, or take a vacation from it, it's a 24/7 365 days a year, Job & being a part-time parent is not acceptable. Once you have a child, it's not about you anymore. It takes more, than providing a roof, and material things. No one wants to make the necessary sacrifices or put the quality time in to make sure their child is getting what he/she needs to become a productive adult and until that's really addressed, babies will continue to have babies, our young men will continue to just sperm donors. If you, say you love your child, you have to be prepared to show that love by doing it a better way, after all love is a verb, not a noun.

Mizrepresent said...

It hurts me to my heart to see babies rolling babies, holding onto babies, holding onto strollers walking down the street. We think it's bad now, but when i see this i see and even greater evil emerging.

Anonymous said...

I love the wisdom in your post!! You eloquently and authentically state something that has bothered me for a long time about kids having kids. I am all for parenting classes and learning how to take care of something besides ourselves. Thank you for your insights Big Mac.

Reggie said...

In this country you need a license to drive a car or a truck, or to sail a boat or to fly a plane; but any fool with genitals can have children.

The way it is now is so bad, I honestly don't know how or when or if it will ever get better.