Saturday, January 22, 2011

So Tell Me Again Why I Don't Like Me

I can't help but let that thought resonate in my mind,particularly after getting the recap of news in Pittsburgh this weekend.
I don't care if it's two feet of snow and ice outside here in the burgh or the sun shining it's butt off,Black people become victims of  violent death.
Look I know people are hurting in all manners,from  being unemployed to being burden with all kinds of addictions.
But lord the killing has  got to stop,the madness that is running through some of our neighborhoods and communities has got to be cleansed.
We now have young people who have no sense of understanding of what being responsible is,it's now the norm for a young woman to be a mother at 14,15 years of age and no one is upset.
We don't seem to have a sense of caring about members of our families anymore,the standard answer today is "whatever".
Men are afraid to be men,so in turn the whole structure of family goes out the window.
So in turn we are now producing little killing machines,with no thought of consciousness.
So just what has cause so many Black folk to hate themselves to the point where killing is normal?
It's time for all of us who have not lost our minds to get up off of our behinds and do something!
If it ain't nothing but going out your front door and cleaning up the trash that litters too many of our streets and saying hello to your neighbor next door.
Just because "Skippy and Ray Ray haven't invaded your street or neighborhood doesn't mean they won't!
If we are sitting around waiting for the establishment to correct the problems of our families we will be waiting until Hell freezes over.
Society doesn't give a damn about what happens to Black people,I'll let that sink in for a second.
I don't care what your economic status is all Black people are in the same boat in this country.


msladydeborah said...


Whever this topic is raised it never goes past the usual reasons why we are self-destructing.

It is a mystery to a degree. We went from a people who embraced each other as sister and brother to opposing forces for all the wrong reasons.

What really bothers me the most about this problem is the unwillingness of Black people to assume responsibility for the mentality that has spawned it. That is one of the major keys that always seems to be set aside. It seems as if we are afraid to admit that there are a lot of us who do not have a true sense of morality or respect for life.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

msdeb:you hit the nail with the hammer,fear of the truth will never make reality go away.

Vigilante said...

I keep saying we are in the middle of an undeclared class war in America. Rich people call it "class envy"; I call it for what it is.

Vigilante said...

BTW, FWIW, I miss the green forest!