Sunday, January 23, 2011

Some of My People Have Lost Their Mind!

In a continuation of my post below,a 38 year old mother was arrested today for putting her 12 year old child out of the house at 2:30 am  without shoes or a coat.
Folks it was 4 degrees at that hour.
My take,where is the boys father?
Maybe if both parents were doing what they were suppose to be doing this wouldn't have happen.
It was reported by the arresting officer that the mother reeked with alcohol,ok folks I have had my share of alcohol in my life and I know it can make you do some stupid things.
It's funny how alcohol and drugs of all variety seem to be so conveniently located near our neighborhoods.
Hell we can't get the powers to be to build a dam full service supermarket in our neighborhoods,but they dam sure will put a state of the art State run liquor state right in the middle of the hood.
But do you see anyone out here saying no,no to the liquor store?
And at the same time the white boys in the suburbs will bring their drugs to Skippy and Ray-Ray to sell and no one will say a word about where they got the drugs from when the police come to take them to jail!
Do anyone see the the trick being played?


msladydeborah said...

You know Mac, one of the most important jobs on the planet is parenting. It is really a human interaction position that does require some skills. When you don't have the skills you do whatever you think will bring about the desired results. Even if it turns out to be stupid as hell and life endagering to the child.

I have raised three males as a married and divorced parent. Single parenting is defnitely not something that I would advocate for anyone. It really drains you when you're the primary one making all the decisions and carrying the full weight.

At least the police were notified. I hate to think what would of happened if no one had called to report this incident.

I live in neighborhood where no liquor stores are located. None of the neighborhood stores can carry it either. We voted it out. When it was on the ballot, more folks were suddenly protesting because of the proposed ban. But, these same people won't utter a word when other issues come up that really cause problems in our community. That is a mentality issue from my viewpoint.

Black Diaspora said...

Bigmac, I can tell you the nature of the problem and the solution. What I can't tell you is how to go about implementing it.

Well, I can, but then I'd first have to tell you how to get past the apathy that's so pervasive, not only in black communities, but our nation, and the world.

I'm not going to tell you anything you don't already know. I have no secrets.

Here goes: The Problem. Whatever values people hold (whatever they're being) constitute their worldview. Their worldview becomes the General Perspective by which all things are perceived.

Perception creates experience, and experience our actions. An example:

Perspective: Life has no value.
Perception: Taking a life is no big deal.
Experience: Cold, uncaring, unfeeling.
Action: Behavior that supports and reinforces Perspective, Perception, and Experience.

The Solution. Change values. Until values are changed, things remain as they were.

Those who value their lives, value the lives of others. Those who value education, value educators, books, and knowledge. Those who value healthy, vibrant communities do their part in creating that.

Those who see all of life as contributing to their well-being, become thoughtful, caring, stewards of their environment, and all that exits within it.

Those who see all others as part of themselves, will treat all others with the respect, the appreciation, and humanity with which they'd like to be treated.

How to implement. First, become the example you wish to set. Second, instill positive values early in a child's life, long before negative values have a chance to sprout. Third, give others a reason to change the values they hold.

The last is the hardest one, because it's harder to uproot values that, like weeds, hold fast, need little watering, and spread quickly in all types of soil, penetrating any crack in cement, and pushing through a rock-covered terrain.

Yet, it can be done, but it will require as much effort, and as much ingenuity, as was used to put a man onto the moon, and the willingness of neighborhoods, communities, townships, municipalities, cities, counties, states, and our nation, to bring as much resources, attention, and dedication to the goal that went into our attacking Afghanistan, and Iraq, and the nation-building efforts that ensued.

CareyCarey said...

Black Diaspora, again you've said it all. And again, although you used few word, you went deep.

In your assertation I heard the key word "values" and the problem of finding and changing those values (if need be).

In essence you're talking about changing mindsets, which for all practical purposes is very hard to do. First, but not last, "thinking is the hardest thing for men to do". Like our conscience, it's (deep thinking) is easy to cast away until another day.

As humans, a state of comfort is the most desired state. And, if that is true (I believe so) the question is: Why should "I" change? And, it's not "my" problem.

For the most part, humans only seek real lasting change when we are faced with a life threatening situation. Because again, change makes us very uncomfortable. Consequently, real change generally comes by way of an external force, ie, lose of freedom, lose of a loved one, lose of physical abilities(health), lose of ones status, etc.

In short, why should a person fix "it", if it's not broke (in their mind)? Then, even if a person believes something is wrong or needs correction - as you pointed out - the true journey begins. HOW? How do I fix it?

Don't look now, but we are back to values.

You said: "instill positive values early in a child's life, long before negative values have a chance to sprout. Third, give others a reason to change the values they hold"

"The last is the hardest one, because it's harder to uproot values that, like weeds, hold fast, need little watering, and spread quickly in all types of soil"

YES YES YES! The weed analogy is where I'll end my comment by saying something that is very true. The most life threatening virus known to man is a negative thought. It festers in the mind and is easily transmittable. And the truth will always face resistence.

CareyCarey said...


Beauty and Health Editor said...
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Reggie said...

Life sucks don't it?!? What a sad, sorry and fucked up story. There's a million stories in the big city and this is just one of the ones you'd rather not hear.