Thursday, March 25, 2010

You got to like Mike,a true "house negro"

I mean come on Michael Steele,it's 2010 why do you still feel a need to jigg and cowtow and buck dance for the Republican party.
It's apparent to anyone with a half of a brain that they have no love for you or your approach to bring Black folks into the Republican camp.
It would be one thing if the true members of the Republican party were really seeking diversity,buts lets be real herethey are not in any shape or form.
To be honest in my opinion the Democratic Party fairs no better,because they have been pimping the Black Community for the past fifty years.
But because of the investment Black folk have in the Democratic Party we have a responsibility to make the party more responsive to our community.
The way we can start is electing officals who have the community interest at heart,if we had congress folk who were doing their  JOB,the Michael Steels of our community would be moot.


Mista Jaycee said...

Yeah, Mike Steele is tragic! Think on this. Charles Barkley was a Republican and loved by most Black Folks and the Hip Hop Community but Black Folks didn't flock in mass to the Repubs. Why? Reagan, Bush, Bush 2, Cheney, Buchanan! Plus check my blog for Knukka where u from? And check where Mike is from? Catholic, Knight of Columbus, etc. No connection to Black Folks! None! U ain't a member of any of the Divine 9 plus 1, Prince Hall, Black Elks lodge, Black lawyers nothing! The Urban league, Naacp, nothing! Yet you wanna speak to Black folks!

Panderer! Poser! Fake!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

You are welcome Mista Jaycee,I try to support all of the blogspots that are about the business of educating my folk and anyone else who wants to learn!