Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tiger Tiger Tiger

Callaway Men's Sport Era Golf Shoe,White/Red/Black,12 M USNow of all people I don't have any room in my life to speak on other folks drama!
But for gods sake  does the Tiger Wood household want the public to believe that story about what happen on thanksgiven day?


Anna Renee said...

Big Mac, yes they do! But they know that we won't! This story is going to blow up bigger than the flying air balloon story a month back! It Tiger Woods, who has been put on a pedestal and (one of the few black (Cabliasian) men to be put there. It's a bad place to be because people wait to knock you off, and they do it with glee and mirth! He's human, like all of us. Personally, I wish we could treat our celebrities like people and not "stars and icons" It causes them much trouble!! The best thing I believe Tiger can do is exactly what David Letterman did and just admit it. Disarm everyone. Be in control of how the media writes the story. But will he? Blessings

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Believe it or not Anna Renee I'm in agreement with you.
I just feel the story is not that important in the real scheme of life.

Anna Renee said...

You're right Big Mac! We humans tend to nose our way around anyway!
Visit me at when time permits! Blessings