Monday, November 2, 2009

The State of Black Church's,do we care?

So where is the Black Church in this economic downturn and recovery?What programs are in place to help Miss Minnie the 80 year old member who's been coming to the church since she was knee high to a frog? What is the church doing to help it's unemployed members find a job? Any job so at least some food can be put on the table and the rent is paid.Who in the church is up to speed on all of the government programs that are out here to help during this recovery period?I'm just asking folks,because from where I sit here on the porch ain't much happening help wise in most black churchs!But I do want to know what is being done with that money collected each sunday?Is that money being used to help the members who may need a box of grits to make breakfast?Is it being used to help someone keep their lights or gas on?What is that money collected on sunday morning being used for?Somebody tell me so I can sleep with both eyes shut!

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