Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hero's And Shero's

We(Black Folk) need some heros and sheros quick fast and in a hurry,I'm telling you if we don't find some real heros and sheros soon there will be no good reason for any us to live.Some of my people are so far to the left( And I don't mean politically) that we can't see the forest for the trees.Some of us really believe that  all of the work is done in their lives.They have a good job,house,car and 2.5 children in the suburbs.Naw folks your work has only begun,because now you got to prepare for the day when your "good job" may be downsized in the language of the human resource experts.Where I come from that would be preparing for when you are let go,FIRED.I have lived in a few places throughout this country where black folks are living large and sometimes have titles and feel that they are in charge.But what are we building or how many jobs are we creating in these"powerful postions"? I'm just saying folks!Another thing when are we as a people going to start living within our means?All of the folks I see out here riding in those luxury German cars and living in subsidized housing need to get a reality check.Even if you can afford the payment,what sense does it make for you to be spending that kind of money for a damn car.That $500.00 month payment could go into a 529 education account for your children's education.And if you don't have children put that $500.00 payment in a CD making 2% interest every month.Yea folks we need some banking heros and sheros in our lives! Before anyone misunderstand where I'm coming from,I LOVE ALL OF MY PEOPLE I MAY NOT APPROVE OF YOUR BEHAVIOR BUT I LOVE YOU DISPITE YOUR SELVES.AND THERE ISN'T A DAMN THING YOU CAN DO ABOUT THAT FACT!

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