Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Many folk are doing like Otis Redding

You know just sitting on the dock of the bay,just watching the tide of life sail away.I don't care if you have a corporate job or a government job,today you may lose it or be downsize at any moment.What makes you think it can't happen to you?You think your bosses love you and care about the welfare of your family? If you think in those terms you better turn around and look at the highway behind you,it's littered with people who thought like you.So Bigmac Mr.Know it all what do you suggest that I do? Ok since you ask,open your eyes to the things that are really going on around you, from work to home life and begin to change what you can.Stop pretending that you are all that and a bag of chips.Start to reach back and pull someone else up so they may also begin to enjoy some of the fruits of life.I thought this was worth reposting.

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Reggie said...

Having a job is like being married. The idealist in us believes that it will last forever. When the realist in us knows that we're all one conversation away from losing our jobs and one conversation away from being single. Those that don't believe that, are completely delusional.