Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I think President Obama has it twisted about what should be on his plate of concern.Unemployment has hit 10.2% in this country so that means it must be 15% in the Black community.The bottom line for the average person in Detroit not to see freedom for the people of Afghanistan but to have a means of making money which means a job.President Obama needs to wakeup and not only smell the coffee but smell the stench of our dying cities.


CareyCarey said...

Big Mac Attack,

I'll get back to President Obama.

Good morning my good man. So you like Gil Scott Heron & the Ojays... me too. So, I will asuume you also liked the Spinners & the early Temptations. Did you ever hear Ol'boy sing "for once in my life"? Come on, you don't want to hear me preach. Would you also be a fan of Miles Davis? If so, me too.

So you have a slight problem with our involvement in Afghanistan? Okay, I can see your point. Yet, is it unfair to attach President Obama's name to this dilemma, and them imply that he is not concerned with the plight of those in Detroit or any other choclate city in America. To me, that's just not right. Granted, it is a popular decision to champion a cause that may be dear to ones heart, however, don't we have enough bush-wackers jumping out of trees to rape Obama at every turn. I mean, is it a certainty that Mr. Obama is not trying to level the playing field of unemployment?

Even if we use the saying "first things first", I ask you, what's first. Whatever you consider to be first, what's second, and then....?

While we are going down the list, what happens to the second issue/problem/war/unemployment rate/healthcare/troubled youth/baby don't have no milk, etc,?

How fast can we go and which way do we go and do we put the rest on stall?/hold/file 13?/forget about it?/fuk it?/let me think about it?/nevergonna do it/start back at the top?/ opps, another problem?/Globetrotters :-)?/lovejones calling?/Iraq?/ back up the train?/Don't pass go?/ Call waiting?/

Big Mack Attack, who's on first?
It surely is not Obama - in the minds of many. He's being kicked to the curb in his first year and I wonder why? And by whom? Concerned citizens? I don't think so...it's deeper than that! huuuum

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Carey-Carey:First thank you for responding to my post,this blog is new for me,so I might not have the blog thing down pack yet.But yes to all the above music and group questions.Now as far as our President is concern he knew when he applied for the job that it wasn't going to be a cake walk.Particularly from the wingnut crowd.Politics my friend is not a game for the meek and tame,it's real as night and day,and if you don't bring your A-game you get shut out of the process.Black folks historically have had little to no influence on local and national politics.We(black folk)should be alot more aware in 2009 as to how the game is played.We should be like Jews politically play niceity nice with all parties and groups but at the same time have jewish interests at the top of list of things need done.As I see it Carey Black folks need to pressure the White House ,Congress and any other government agency to create jobs,jobs,jobs and more jobs before anything else is asked of our community.If I can get a little down and dirty truth be told fuck Iraq,Fuck Afganistan and the horses they rode into this world on.For me the Detroits of this country needs to be fixed first before we go exporting any kind of help.

Vigilante said...

LBJ looked back and aknowledge that the Vietnam War sank his Great Society. I would like President BHO to look back and not have to see that Afghanistan wrecked his domestic agenda, not to mention his shot at a 2nd term.

Vigilante said...

Another thought:

How many people run Gitmo? If it has to be taken down (a mistake IMO), how about reassembling it near Detroit? Automotive workers should be more than capable of running it quite well.