Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Do White Folk Really Understand Me?

I'm not a hater of anyone because of the color of their skin,but lets keep it real folks,race is as American as apple pie.So lets talk about it,White's or shall I say most that I meet don't know how to chit chat with me.Unknowingly they deny my humanity,when the first thing out of their mouths to me is did or do I play basketball or football.Sometimes I Smile and say something to take them off guard because I know they don't know any better.Why can't a simple hello or how are you today be enough?Black men such as my self who has been blessed with height and size are not thought of as simply god fearing decent human being but as product.And just as unknowingly we buy into the sterotype.Ok so what are you folks feeling on this topic.


Vigilante said...

Hello! How are you today?

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

LOL,thanks Vigilante I need a smile.

Jenny said...

Hi Bigmac, I saw your comment on the top ten beaches on the We love Salento-Blog. Yep, I can recommend a vacation for you in that part of southern Italy, it's beautiful. I go every year.
And you know, racism is not American, it's German, Italian, Chinese and Greek. Just Human. I think it actually is nothing else than fear of something unfamiliar. I'm white and blond, which in some parts of town or groups of people makes me the center of unfriedly comments or stares. I live in Switzerland, which has the highest percentage of immigrants in the world. The Black and White-issue kinda looses weight when there are so many other races and religions all mixed together.

I have a Thai and a Swedish godchild.

What do you think Bicmac.

Vigilante said...

I hope BigMac forgives me for bringing this up on his turf, but you don't offer a trail back to your home site. I have to ask you about your feelings pertaining to the Swiss banning the building of additional minarets — reflecting an alarming hostility to a rising Muslim minority. Is this not an aversion to diversity?

Jenny said...

I'm sorry, I'm not sure how to do that.
The minaret-ban is very very embarrassing. The same applies here: people are afraid. It doesn't help that Gadhaffi has kidnapped two Swiss citizens and recomends our neighboring countries to eliminate Switzerland and divide it up :)

Im sorry my english is not so good!

Vigilante said...

Number 1: Never apologize for your English; mono-linguals like myself will always stand in the shadow of multi-linquals like yourself.

Number 2: I am truly ignorant of Swiss politics. But I suspect this issue is much larger than Gadhaffi who probably serves more as a foil or an alibi than as a factor.

What I don't know is whether the growth of Islam has to do with its theological merits or birth rates. Those are just two guesses.

But don't give me Gadhaffi as an excuse! I may be able to think only in one language, but that doesn't make me stupid!