Friday, June 18, 2010

No More Excuses For Stupidity

Some of the responses to my post on the incident in Seattle had me thinking,maybe the reason we have so many problems with our children today is because we are always making an excuse for their behavior!
There is no excuse you can offer me that would justify those two young girls putting their hands on that cop.
Street rule number one,when engage for any reason with a cop,it's alway yes sir,no sir,yes  mam,no mam.
To engage a cop in 2010 in a war of words is suicidal in most urban centers in this country.
Too many people watch too many TV programs and are not engaged in the real world,most cops are scared to death each and everyday when they go out on the streets.
So when you know you are dealing with a scared man or woman,you
take another tact in any engagement.
Now the useless Seattle Branch of the NAACP is getting in the mix calling for the cops head and badage.
What many of you may not know,this is not these two young girls first dance with the law,in their mind and their way of thinking they were "keeping it real"!
Bullshit they were acting like two little thugs and as far as I'm concern,let's treat them like thugs,until they decide they want to join society and act like two ladies!


Vigilante said...

Cool! I'm in agreement!

Val said...

I can certainly agree that the NAACP is useless. About the girls; I just can't give up on a young person like that. These girls are victims of their environment. If anything the parents are to blame. And the entire community.

Mizrepresent said...

I wasn't here for your previous post but i did read about this story and it's just ignorant. Most times we are telling our children, (well i know at least our male children) how to behave around police, bc we know and understand the consequences if even a word is mispoken, so for these girls to assault the police was utterly stupid and they deserve what they get as punishment. Surely the responsibility lies with the parents, the community and in some ways the educational system. It's like here in GA, two 16 year old girls murdered their mom, makes no sense.

Moanerplicity said...

Sometimes Life's hardest lessons are learned in the spotlight, or by courting situations that lend themselves to abuse.

They are still young. Hopefully this whole incident will serve as a serious (& much needed) WAKE THE HELL UP call!