Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Black Man Who's Angry And Knows Why! Part 3

I'm mad and disgusted with the leadership that presently pimps it's self as the answer to our community's problems.
I'm disgusted with our Politicans,Teachers and most of all I'm disgusted with most of our Spiritual and Religious "Leaders".
Our politicans for not fighting like warriors for the State and Federal monies out there for the betterment of the neighborhoods they represent.
Most when elected forget the promises made and start to enrich themselves, their close friends and families.
The sad part about it all is we don't hold our politicans feet to the fire to bring the bacon home to our neighborhoods.
Most people in our neighborhoods,have a defeatist attitude toward the out come of the politicans who represent our neighborhoods,so in turn the politicans does what he or she pleases without consequence.
Our Teachers have no respect for the education of our Black and Brown youths,the expectation from our youths is zero and going down,it's not completly the teachers and School Boards  fault  for this level of expectation,it's hard to know what type of education your child is receiving when you are not engaged in their education.
I have seen parents who spend more time in the bars and clubs here in Pittsburgh,then in mentoring their children.
So when a child have not a clue as to the value of  a education,they bring nothing to the table for a teacher to work with.
The reality of teaching and Public Education today in the words of the great R and B singer Billy Preston "Nothing from Nothing Leaves Nothing".
Unlike when I was attending segregated schools in the late 1950's and 1960's the teachers lived in the same neighborhood and went to the same Churchs and Stores as my family.
So there was a expection from each and every child and family to do your best,that closeness is lost to many Black and Brown children today.
Most School Boards in a lot of Urban Centers are no more then stepping stones for higher political office,if you really look closer,most don't even have educators on the boards,again "nothing from nothing leave nothing.
In the coming days and weeks this theme will continue on this blog,stay tune.


FreeMan said...

I agree with all your reasoning as the son of a teacher you are preaching to the choir. The politicians are on the come up and most of their constituents don't even know who they are. So there is a power group determining most inner city politics draining money from the coffers.

We just have to move on and create a new reality. This is the Sodom and Gomorrah story all over again. So instead of trying to save the Wicked those who know must build another society. Do what you can for those who you can influence and build another reality. Going into hell to correct the devil is hot, bothersome and you have to go to hell to do it.

Reggie said...

Sound reasoning and logic my brother. Hell I'm mad after reading this too!!!

Anonymous said...

Great post. The gentleman is correct, you are preaching to the choir. Many of the folks in the bar have no desire to master the internet, only getting their information second and third hand from the other person next to them on the bar stool.

As a person that still lives in the 'hood, I am hoping and praying to leave as soon as possible. I am tired of the neighbors (for lack of a better term), not respecting my life as a working person, my property and behaving as there is no need to be respectful of any one else's rights.

It is so sad to see the second and third generation of children growing up learning to survive through handouts and not working to establish themselves. When they finally come to the realization that they need to get away from the street life, often with a record, what job can they expect to be hired at? It is impossible to live off wages from Mc'Donalds, but try telling them this as they live out their thug life fantasies.

I wonder how long before it all plays out in some type of revolution. The society is getting more lawless every day.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Society does appear to be unraveling.

Just a Lil Bit said...

"Big Guy" your right on the money, and we all should be "mad & disgusted" but "we" don't hold anyone accountable, starting at home, to church, to school, to community. So, your right again, nothing from nothing leaves nothing. If you keep doing what you've been doing, you get what you got.

Anonymous said...

"Big Guy", your right on the money, but "we" all first have to be accoutable, to home,to church,to school, & to community, If we keep doing what we're doing we continue to get what we got. We all, should be mad & disgusted, we just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

Big Guy, your right on the money, but we first have to be accountable to home, church, school & community, "if we keep doing what we've been doing, we keep getting what we've got." We all should be mad & disgusted. We don't get it as a people.