Monday, June 21, 2010

A Black Man Who's Angry And Knows Why! Part 2

Sometimes the truth hurts and we like to divert from it's reality,we have many different ways of escaping those realities.
But escaping must soon come to a halt if we truly desire to live our lives in harmony.
If we think smoking a blunt or taking a shot or two of Old Granddad is our solution,I'm here to tell you that it will only delay the truth of the matter.
Our communities (black and brown) are saturated with ads for alcohol,tobacco and cars we can't afford.
But we still can't see the trick in all of these thing slapped in our faces,many of us base our worth as a person on how many or what type of these things we have in our possession.
And that's another reason I'm a angry Blackman,my folk being pimped and we can't see it!
Stay tune I'll continue this theme over the days and weeks.


Val said...

I agree. Many people's self-esteem is so beat down that they survive by equating what they have to who they are. That's a recipe for disaster.

Moanerplicity said...

As long as material possessions are valued over the internal ones (life, good health, self-respect, inner peace, love) then the chance at true happiness and contentment will never be attained.


Reggie said...

The weak-minded are forever taken advantage of. Like you, I see these things and just shake my head. I don't understand why people allow themselves to be treated like cattle. I don't get it, but I never have. It is what it is.

Chosen Traveler said...

Pimped. No other word to describe it. In fact the best word. People get lost and conform quickly to this country's way of thinking, living. Yeah sure it may seem appealing at first, but what good will it do you when you are dead. What good will you have done for your community after you've attained these things. I know exactly what you mean by some people not knowing what this country really is about. Sorry this comment started to turn into one of my blogs(laughing to myself). By the way, I still have your book you gave me, going to get one it and really look forward to anymore literature you may think I'd be interested in or think will do me good. Hope you are taking care of yourself.