Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Money Talked Loud,Roethlisberger Walks!

Look folks I'm a fan of the Steelers and support them,but I can't in good conscious let the decison not to prosecute Roethlisberger for sexual assault pass without commenting.
I'm getting sick and tired of high profile and rich people getting away with crimes in this country.
For me this ideal of smacking high profile and rich people on the hand for crimes Skippy and Ray-Ray go to Jail for many years is just plain wrong.
The DA in Milledgeville,Ga. ought to go to jail also for not at least taking this case to a grand jury,so regular folks can evaluate the evidence in this case.
To make it plain what happen in this case,Roethlisberger and his Lawyer payed off the young girl involved to just go away.
This case stinks to high heavens,it just furthers my belief that the criminal justice system is a joke for poor and working people in this country.


just a lil bit said...

I,totally agree with BigMac, but it's the nature of beast in the criminal justice system, money talks, the little guy is always left holding the bag.

Reggie said...

Money talks, bullshit walks.