Monday, April 12, 2010

Carry Me Home West Virginia

Life is cheap in West Virginia,when I first heard about the mine explosion last week,my gut reaction was the remaining miners were already dead.
All of this rescue action was just show and tell by the government and that lowdown mine owner Blankenship.
I don't know why I just felt like it was some of my own family who were trapped or killed in that mine explosion.
Maybe because of the stories I heard growing up on how my own grandfather on my father's side was killed  at work in 1935 in Wilmington,NC.
Maybe also because I'm just a working stiff also and desire more for myself and other people in this life.
My heart felt prayers go out to the families of the 29 miners who passed away just trying to do the right thing,going to work!


Anonymous said...

Me too Big Mac, I feel the loss of the miners and the whole story makes me incredibly sad. My heart and compassion go out to the miners, their loved ones and their friends.
I feel like something else is missing too, maybe an appreciation and gratitude by the owner for what these people have given.

Val said...

The really sad thing is that this mine disaster won't change anything.

The government barely regulates mines. They give mining companies violations but the companies fight the violations in court and that can take years. If they really want to honor the people who lost their lives they will really regulate mines.

Btw, BigMac, do you know anything about the city of Braddock, PA? I saw the mayor on TV this past weekend.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Calmcoach thanks for stopping by,agree that appreciation for the work of the miners would be a jester due them,but it apparent their lives and families mean nothing.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Val thanks for stopping by again,you are correct regulation of mining in this country amounts to be a joke.
The owner of this particular mine has a bad record of voilations dating back decades.
Political favors and money has allowed Mr.Blankenship to put the lives of his workers in danger on a daily basis.
John Fetteman is the Mayor of Braddock,Pa.,it's about five miles from where I live .
At one time Braddock was home to the largest steel mill in the Pittsburgh area.Twenty years ago when the mills closed,so did the economic life of the town. Maybe 15-20,000 people still live there,most are working stiffs still holding on for dear life.
Just recently UPMC(Pittsburgh's Hospital System)closed the hospital serving the people of Braddock and it was a big fuss,but as usually poor people lost again the powers that be told them to go pound sand.

Val said...

Thanks BigMac. I'm not sure why Braddock has caught my attention but it has. The info I got was that Braddock had only about 3000 people left there. I also heard in the interview that you can buy a house for $2000.

Seems like Braddock might be ripe for a turnaround. I mean it sounds like they've hit rock bottom.

Is it safe there?

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Yep Braddock is ripe for a turn around and will be redevloped when the sewer lines and other vital things are in place.
The town sits right on the river so the attraction is there.
I have not looked into the price of real estate but no question right now its dirt cheap.