Friday, April 9, 2010

Tiger Woods WHY DAMIT WHY?

Would you allow Nike and the Golf Industry  to PIMP you and your dead father(may he rest in peace) with the latest commerical "welcome back Tiger".
Tiger do you have not a ounce of self respect left?
Tiger do you hate yourself that much that you allow the golf industry and nike to disrespect your dead father?
Tiger someone needs to tell you the truth of this matter,your problem my friend is simple,keep your zipper up and stay focus on your job and family.


Stimpson said...

For me, the bigger problem with the commercial is that I find it just plain boring. Add that to how it does nothing to sell Nike or improve Woods's image and you've got an unmitigated fiasco in advertising.

Val said...

The ad was tacky and creepy. But both Tiger and Nike are tacky and creepy so it's par for the course. Pun intended.


The ad may have sucked but it got millions of free plays on news broadcasts around the world. That's millions of dollars of free advertising and people are talking about both Nike and Tiger. So on that level it didn't fail.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Thanks for stopping by Stimpson,boring would be another way of looking at the commerical,but for me it's deeper and scarey,that a company would disrepect a dead person,all in the name of making a dollar,let's be real it's not about doing the right thing it's about the bottom line for Nike.
Val:As usually you are spot on my friend,thanks for your imput and valued thoughts.