Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Gender Wars

This post is inspired in part from a post I read this morning at,it got me to thinking how does the gender wars going on effects the community (Pittsburgh)  that I live within.
Personally I don't think many people I come in contact with think that deep about the behavior that goes on between the genders.
That's because for many the roles of the gender have ever really been defined.
When we refer to each other as my babies daddy or my babies momma,then I think you have serious issues with who and what you are.
So people will understand where I'm coming from I will define the people I'm talking about as the Black community I know in Pittsburgh.
The Black community I know is so far out of touch with the reality of economic and social order that to have a discussion on gender is like beating your head againist the wall.
Most people I encounter are comfortable being a zero or maintaining a image of being one.
Most don't make it known that they care about an issue until it smacks them dead in the face,and even then it only an issue until they can get it out of their face.
Most have never traveled or explored anything outside of the Pittsburgh region.
Most people I encounter think a nice night out is going to a bar or club in their lastest clothing that they over paid for.
So for me there is no gender war in my community there is a war for the brain  and it seems to me that Madison Ave. has won, and decides what's important in the Black Community I know in Pittsburgh.


just a lil bit said...

interesting post, and I agree that most people don't think about behavior between genders. I don't think it's just a Pittsburgh thing, it's a black community thing,although in Pittsburgh, it seems more pronounced, because of the small town mentality this region has adopted. We don't teach our children, anymore that it's really what's going on inside, rather than outside or an outward appearance. What really counts is,having morals, integrity, respecting self and others, doing the right thing, motivating the mind,& staying positive, and when you're not taught, you don't know, or understand where you need to be,leaving it wide open & easy for the powers that be, to teach our young people another way, which may not have their well being or best interests at heart. So it reverts back to home training & parenting, by setting an example and being honest about who we are, and who we can be.

Reggie said...

Don't think that's just in Pittsburgh, it's like that here in the Charleston area too.

If people don't respect or understand themselves, how in the hell do they expect other people to respect and understand them?!?

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

just a lil bit;you are so on the money,your knowledge of the people of this region speaks loud and clear.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Reggie:I know we jacked up socially and economicly and politically everywhere in this country,and I have lived in other parts,but man I tell you I just have not seen people as willie nilley as Pittsburgh folk.
Not all Pittsburgh folk but too damn many for comfort!

Val said...

Very interesting.

I think that in area where the economic circumstances have been bad for us for generations people tend to not want to deal with complicated stuff like gender.

When life is hard people just want a buzz and good sex it seems.