Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I want to do business with my folk!

But so many of the Black Businesses that I have called for bids for different services have disappointed me as a consumer.
I called a tree service own by a Black father and son to cut and remove trees and brush from the back yard.
They give me a bid of $375.00 it seem a little over priced for the amount of work involved.
So as a informed consumer I sorted out another bid from another tree service,needless to say it wasn't Black own.
Their bid included not only the trees I wanted  originally removed but trees that I thought would be an additional cost in the future,their price in total $500.00
The bid for our tree removal and clearing went to the second bidder hands down.
What I learned from this experience is when doing business,keep your emotions in check and simply look at the transaction as just business,if the person who happens to be doing the work for me looks like me thats a bonus.
Folks if we are going to be in business we have got to think long term,we have got to start  thinking in terms of repeat business and growing our business.
Charging me the max at one time for a service doesn't endear me to call your business again,second the goal of any business should be extreme customer service,which means give the customer what they expect.


Val said...

Here's the problem though, BigMac. Lot's of people will not do business with Black owned businesses for a myriad of reasons. So many Black owned businesses make less money and have less volume of sales so they have to charge higher prices.

I understand what you are saying but sometimes we have to support Black owned businesses for the long term so they can compete.

A little story: I worked with an Asian woman. One day she had a bunch of clothes in her car when we were leaving for the day. I asked her what was up with all of the clothes in her car.

She said that a new cleaners had opened in San Jose and she was taking clothes there to support them. She had clothes in her car from her family and a few friends.

I should note that San Jose is about an hours drive or more from our job.

I asked if she was related to the people that owned the cleaners and she said no that they we just trying to support a new Korean business.

That cleaners will be able to compete because they have built in clientele. Black businesses don't have a built in clientele.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Ok Val you got me thinking deeper after the story concerning your co-worker.
But I must counter your arguement,I agree we need to go the extra mile in giving business to black own establishments,that closeness and bond you spoke of that exist between Korean folk is just not there in our community anymore.
Maybe that's part of the problem?

Val said...

The bond isn't there if we say it isn't. There is always a first step.